Bloody Heart Episode 6 Recap

In Bloody Heart Ep 6, Lee Tae (Lee Joon) is preparing a way out of the palace for Yoo Jung (Kang Han Na). Lee Tae organized a feast and told Yoo-Jeong to voluntarily prepare a manhwa as an apology for the filial piety she committed.

Yoo-jung is given permission to cook mandarins in front of Dae-bi and is given access to the Itae Library. Lee Tae commands Yoo Jung to “cover your face with a black cloth and attend the banquet,” the crime of conjecture.

When Yoo-Jeong entered the library, she discovered a secret entrance that Sang-jeon had anticipated. She agreed to Lee Tae’s plan to leave the palace for preparations through a secret entrance during supper. It was easy to manufacture a perfect alibi while Yoo-Jeong was leaving the palace because someone who covered her face with a black cloth took her place.

Bloody Heart Episode 6

Yoo-Jeong was attempting to flee the palace through the secret passage when she met Dong-geum, who became her court lady in order to save her. Yoo-Jeong abandons her intention to flee in secret after witnessing the injuries of Dong geum.

Park Gye-won ordered that all of the palace gates be closed during the Pungjeongyeon. Yoo-Jeong was fleeing the palace when Park Gye-won suspected. Eui-gyun grabbed the woman who had escaped through Lee-Tae’s secret library’s tunnel and left the palace with his face hidden.

Park, the contrast instructed Lee Tae to remove the cloth that covered Sook’s face when the Pungjeongyeon was in full swing. With worried eyes, Lee Tae raised the cloth. He saw Yoo Jung. Lee Tae asked, “How are you here?” when Yoo-Jeong, who had vowed to leave the palace, stood in front of him.  Also, it was Dunggeum who left the palace with Chung Eui-gyun.

Yoo-Jeong said, “She will live as His Majesty’s wife. She wants to become a middle-aged woman to live like that.”

Yoo Jung and Lee Tae When two people in love have no choice but to face one other, all eyes are on the ordeal that awaits them and the confrontation that will ensue.

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