Bloody Heart Episode 5 Recap: Kang Han Na’s True Identity Revealed

In Bloody Heart Ep 5, Lee Tae (Lee Joon) saves Yoo Jung (Kang Han Na)

Previously, Lee Tae and Yoo Jung were surprised after seeing each other. When Yoo-jung asked, “Why is Seonbi here?”, Lee Tae hugged Yoo-jung without saying a word. Yoo-jung cried, “Are you the lord? Was the seonbi negligent?” Lee Tae asked, “What the hell happened. How is Nangja in the palace? How much does Sangjae know about Nangja?” Yoojung said, “I don’t know. Is that all you have to say to me?”

Lee Tae asked, “What brought you back to the palace? Have you forgotten what happened in this room?” “I would not have visited the palace with a will to die if I had known that the scholar had to tell me, if I had known beforehand that the person who saved me was going to die,” Yoo Jung stated.

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Bloody Heart Episode 5 Recap

“Why didn’t you inform me about every full moon we saw for several years? When I said I was in love, yoy should have said it. I would have torn off this terrible heart’s.

Lee Tae inquired, “I would know who the deliberation was if Kwa-in was expected. No?” Park Gye-won responded by saying, “It is with His Majesty’s love and loyalty that I dedicate myself. “Please accept me as Your Majesty’s servant,” he said, bowing his head.

Lee Tae responded by saying, “Kwain appears to have placed a great value on the left statue. To make such a careless manoeuvre, regardless of how important it is. There was just one thing the left statue desired in the end. Power. He fought valiantly, but how can he keep his word if he loses Junggung Palace? In the future, power.

There will be no incentive to remain loyal to those who lose the title. So, did you do something stupid? Do you want to make fun of the royal family and live in defiance of the country’s laws?” “I’ll wait and see what Daebi comes up with to save the seated wound,” he continued.

“The aunt who raised Park Sook-ui is the same as her mother,” Seo said in front of Yoo-jung. “How soon will Park Sook-ui arrive?” “I am Mr. Sook-eui Park,” Yoojung said quietly. You’re a unique individual. I’m not familiar with you. “How did you say you brought me up?” “She is a false woman,” Seo said, lamenting her mistreatment.

Yoo Jung, who had come to see Lee Tae, remarked to him, “Jwasang is still unsure of the young man’s identity. But he isn’t one to give up until he gets his objective.” Yoojung responded by asking, “Our family’s left state councillor must have always meant to destroy us. But how did His Majesty fool the young lady? Is that all you’ve got to say to me?”

“This could kill the young man,” Lee Tae commented after hearing this. Yoo-jeong remarked, “My life is currently more important to me than the scholar. You were the only person who knew who I was. That was fantastic for me. I don’t believe it gave me courage. You should have put more faith in me.”

“It was my decision to enter the palace, therefore I will find a method on my own,” she continued. Lee Tae responded by saying, “I never lied about my affections for Nangja. I wished for your safety.

Park Gye-won threatened Seo’s family and forced her to commit suicide to conceal Yoo-jung’s identity theft. After that he went to Itae and asked for his resignation.

“What do you truly want?” Lee Tae inquired when he heard this. “Please accept the deliberation,” Park Gye-won stated. “If you want to save the left-hand, accept it and cover it up as the left-handed niece?” Lee Tae retorted angrily. So you’ll take the left one, too?” “I am a devoted devotee of Your Majesty,” Park Gye-won remarked. Please don’t discard me.” “I can’t do that,” Lee Tae answered. Seo’s deception was exposed. “The left’s resignation is not permitted,” he stated.

“Leave the palace,” Lee Tae told Yoojeong. Nangja fooled the king and the royal family into entering the palace. The left statue’s employment will be ruined, but Nangja is the ultimate punishment.”

“Like the moment in prison when I grasped the hand of an unknown scholar,” Yoojeong added. The left is in charge of the personnel at the Jukrim-hyeon workshop. I’m unable to attend. The lives of my people are on the line. The scholar is the one who saved me. They are, nevertheless, the ones who have given me a purpose to live. They are my blood relatives and relatives.

At the end of Bloody Heart Ep 5, Yoo-jeong was in danger of being found, so Lee Tae went to save her.

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