Bloody Heart Episode 4 Recap

In Bloody Heart Ep 4, Yoo-jeong (Kang Han-na) went to a house dressed as Park Gye-won’s niece. Yoo-jung turned down Park Kye-won’s offer to stay in the middle of the war.

Park Gye-won, on the other hand, threatened Yoo-jung’s life and the lives of those around her. He also mentioned Yoo Jung’s meeting with a scholar Lee Tae (Lee Joon). Yoo-jeong accepted Park Gye Woncs proposal.

The middle conflict broke out in the midst of all of this. Lee Tae travelled to the location where the middle war was taking place while it was still going on. observing a well Yoo Jung could no longer be confirmed by Lee Tae. Choi Ga-yeon (Park Ji-yeon), her counterpart, was in the way.

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Lee Tae confronted Choi Ga Yeon after the middle war, because Choi Ga-yeon tried to choose Park A-ok, Park Gye-ok’s niece, and Lee Tae-eun, Jo Won-pyo’s daughter Jo Yeon-hee, was the main character. It has not been decided who will be chosen as the primary battlefielder due to a disagreement between the two.

In response, Lee Tae sought the advice of Daejehak Kimchi-hak, who expressed reservations about the choice of middle warfare. Previously, Jungjeon’s three-year saga had not ended, and the notion that she was the wife of a powerful family had been called into question.

Tae Lee suggested a strategy to combat Kimchi Studies’ opposition. After concluding the three-year mourning of the dead, he chose to look at the attributes of one of the two and choose the middle one, with Park Ah-ok and Jo Yeon-hee as courtesy.

The quarrel between Park Gye and Jo Won-pyo erupted with this occurrence, and King Lee-tae established a combative position with Park Gye as well.

Lee Tae was given a day after Sook’s ceremonial ritual ended to mate with Sook’s Ms. Park Yoo Jung. Lee Tae, on the other hand, stated that he will join Sook’s Cho clan (Jo Yeon-hee), not Sook’s Park clan. Yoo-jeong was aware of this and obeyed Park Gye’s instructions to serve the monarch at all costs. While recalling the law, it was Yoo-jung and Park’s family that put pressure on Lee Tae.

Park Gye stated that he and Lee Tae were diametrically opposed in this regard.

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