Bloody Heart Episode 3 Recap & Summary

A fearful battle between Lee Tae (Lee Joon) and Park Gye-won (Jang Hyuk) was drawn in Bloody Heart Episode 3.

In Bloody Heart Ep 3, “I want to protect you from the troubles within and outside that the scholar cannot,” Yoojung confessed to Lee Tae. “I love the scholar.” “I have a woman I need to marry,” Lee Tae responded. “I’ve been planning and preparing things for a long time.” He requires that woman in order to complete the task as he planned. “

“Are you in love with that woman?” Yoojung inquired after hearing this. “He needs her,” Lee Tae simply said. She doesn’t care about other people to me.”

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Yoojung said, “Then why? You come to see me, and why do you always worry about me? Why do you want me to be happy? There must be some reason.” But Lee Tae said, “Are you not angry when you hear that? Don’t follow me. Don’t get hurt anymore and live like that” and left.

Jo Yeon-hee approached Jo Won-Pyo and said, “As a woman, I want to reach the maximum level.” “Do you know how Queen Inhyeon, your queen’s mother, died?” Jo Won-Pyo asked. “When YU Haksu killed King Seon and attempted to establish the crown prince on the throne, Queen Inhyeon was concerned that she would be robbed.”

He continued, “When the former monarch attempted to catch the public servants as a result of that, the left sage manufactured a scapegoat in a hurry,”. As a result, the head has benefited the most. ” “Do you know, Yeonhui?” The palace is one such location. Even the royal family survives thanks to their mother’s death. He dissuaded her daughter by saying, “Jungjeon was appointed as the left commandant’s niece.”

“If that doesn’t work, I’ll become a nun,” Jo Yeon-hee stated after hearing that. I’d rather hang her from her neck.

Eui-gyun Jeong visited Yoo-Jung and said, “I have something to tell you. When Yoo-Jung asked, “Please tell the scholar directly,” she said, “You don’t know how dangerous it is to take one step to say that.” It won’t come anymore.

Yoo Jung and Lee Tae ran into one other on the street, but Yoo Jung pretended not to recognise Lee Tae. Lee Tae then returned to Yoo Jung after getting a note from a boy. “How can you go out with such dangerous people?” Yoojung wondered. “Why are you dressed so strangely?” “I’ll explain everything later,” Lee Tae replied, “so go back now.”

When Yoo-Jung heard this, she grabbed Lee-tae and said, “It’s not my job to help Nang-ja.” Don’t be concerned about my company.” “I don’t care,” Yoojung responded. Seonbi was the one who sobbed for me when I couldn’t even cry. Lee Tae said, “Nangja cannot come.” I don’t want it. “My world is a place where Nangja cannot live,” said Lee Tae.

“Did you have someone in your heart?” Park Gye-won asked Lee Tae. Or did you desire a family that would bolster your imperial authority? Then you had to publicly declare that national marriage would boost your royal power.”

No matter what, this choice won’t go according to the left commandant,” Lee Tae stated after a heated nerve duel with Park Gye-won. Any woman is welcome. I’m not going to sit down. I’m not going to meet you, and I’m not even going to see your face. I’ll die of old age before even seeing my father-in-law’s shadow in the old palace. He claimed that “the left commander would never come near to the power of future generations.”

“You are going to a residence in the name of my niece,” Park Gye-won framed Yoo-Jeong and arrested her. So, in this country, become a powerful warlord.

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