Bloody Heart Episode 2 Recap

Previously, Crown Prince Lee Tae (Lee Joon) has fallen in love with Yoo-jeong (Kang Han Na), whom he met by chance seven years ago, and marries her in episode first of Bloody Heart kdrama.

Despite her father Seonjong’s reluctance, Lee Tae campaigned for Yoo-yeong’s marriage. “We need to develop the power of Sarim in order to check on nobles. He persuaded the king and married her

Officials feared that Yoo-jeong’s marriage to the crown prince would threaten their status, so they framed Yoo-jeong and Jungjeon Shin as traitors, with Park Gye-won at the centre.

Yoo-jeong’s father is hanged as a traitor, and Jungjeon Shin commits suicide to save her son. Lee Tae set fire to the prison and saved Jooyeong. As a result of her parents death she list her will to live but Lee Tae gave her hope to live. Now, she established her bamboo quarry business, and she became the de facto head of her bamboo forest prefecture.

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In Bloody Heart Ep 2, On the night of the full moon, Lee Tae and Yoo Jung met. “I feared I wouldn’t be able to arrive today,” Yoojung stated, and Lee Tae concerned, “At that moment, don’t wait and go.” Despite this, Yoojung gave him a bright smile and asked, “Didn’t he always come?

“The two who met every full moon awaited the arrival of the full moon. Yoo-jeong, who was preparing to depart, ran into Im Jin-sa. “You said you weren’t going,” Im Jin-sa stated. “You’ve never heard of him. You’ll be in danger if you get too close to him.” Yoojung remarked, “It makes no difference. Have faith in the person I’ve chosen. No matter who the teacher is, my heart will remain unchanged.

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Bloody Heart Episode 2

“Yoo-jeong, who had rushed out, ran into Lee Tae. “I thought he wasn’t coming,” Lee Tae said after a romantic date. Lee Tae locks eyes with Yoo Jeong and wants to kiss her, but she refuses. Yoojeong, on the other hand, kissed him first and grinned brightly. Visitors to Yoo-jeong mentioned Park Gye-won’s niece as they were about to break up.

She is the upper left chieftain’s eldest daughter. I believe he is attempting to adopt the niece as her own “Why do you want to know about such a thing?” Lee Tae responded. Is she out for revenge?” Yoo-jeong was scolded by him.

Yoo-jeong exclaimed “There isn’t anything I can’t accomplish. We’ll track down the person who annihilated our and Seonbi’s families. I’ll clear my father’s name, she revealed her long-suppressed desire for revenge. Lee Tae shed tears, saying, “Don’t do anything for me. Forget everything and live a normal life.”

Park Gye-won attempted to continue with her national marriage with Choi Ga-yeon. “I can see that the power of the upper left can block the ears of heaven and earth, because I can’t hear it even if I know it,” Lee Tae, who learned of this from Yoo-jeong, was enraged, saying, “I can see that the power of the upper left can block the ears of heaven and earth, because I can’t hear it even if I know it.”

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Bloody Heart kdrama Ep 2 Recap

Meanwhile, when Lee Tae learned that Yoo-jeong was being targeted by someone, he rushed to the scene and defended Yoo-jeong. “You almost got hurt,” Lee Tae said Yoo Jeong. “What makes you so rash?” “Why is that?” Yoojeong enquired. Isn’t bleeding a big deal?” “You seem so hurt that you don’t get furious,” he added. I’m not going to inquire as to why you have a sword or why you can’t see it ordinarily. I’m not going to let you be wounded or sick. So, please marry me. I want to protect you.

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