Bloody Heart Episode 1 Recap: The Start Of Lee Joon & Kang Han Na’s Tragic Love Story

In Bloody Heart Ep 1, with the image of Lee Tae, who was wanted to be overthrown four years ago, a powerful opening was drawn. “Please eliminate the crown prince and reinstate the national,” the nobles cried out repeatedly in front of Daejeon.

Seonjong (present king) grieved as his condition deteriorated, saying, “I’m sorry, but I’m no longer able to defend you. You’ll have to defend for yourself now.” Lee Tae then responded, “I’m going to do that. Even if I rip my limbs off, I will live.”

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Coming out of the palace, Lee Tae knelt down in front of Park Gye-won and wept, saying, “The Sadaebu is Joseon’s actual national text. I shall not engage in politics in the manner of an ousted despot. Please, save me.

“The royal family was brimming with Park Gye-won’s supporters. Lee Tae took a look around before following Park Gye-won’s command.

On the other hand, Queen Joon (Lee Tae’s wife) was ill and on the verge of death.Lee Tae visited her and she confessed to him saying I had loved you so much that I could have killed Joo Yeong again if she was killed of burning to the point where she couldn’t be recognised. Lee Tae engraged and told her that she herself will die soon and walked away.

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Bloody Heart Episode 1 Recap, KBS2

“Lee Tae proposed to Yoo Jeong, whom she had met outside the palace seven years before saying, he will marry her as no other man would willing to marry her. When a politically opposing family’s daughter was condemned to become the Crown Prince, Park Gye-won accused Yoo-jeongcs father, Yoo Hak of plotting treason and claimed the dethroning of the queen (Lee Tea’s mother).

Seonjong bent his head and implored in answer “I’m seated. This is something I beg for. Please do not dethrone the queen, she is my wife.” Park Gye-won, on the other hand, flatly rejected, adding, “How do you place private matters ahead of national affairs?”

Seonjong then ordered Park Gye-won to be imprisoned. No one obeyed Seon-jong’s instructions at the palace, which was already crowded with Park Gye-won’s people, and Seon-jong was humiliated.

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Bloody Heart Ep 1

To protect her son Lee Tae, her mother eventually took poison in front of his eyes and died. She hid her face behind her hands as she uttered the words, “I will not be remembered as a squandering woman. With the Crown Prince, I was poisoned. Please keep this in mind and apply it for the rest of your life.”

Park Gye-won, on the other hand, remained in power even after the queen died of poisoning. When his mother and his lover Yoo Jeong’s parents were executed for his own sake, Lee Tae pleaded with Seonjong to spare Yoo-jeong. Lee Tae was aided in rescuing Yoo Jung by Seonjong, who provided him with a secret entrance out of the palace.

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Red Single Heart Ep 1

Yoo-jeong, who had lost both her parents and her will to live, “It is possible to live. My mother and father both died because I was choosen as a crown Princess, they died because of and I rather survived. Why did you save me? I should have died too. Lee Tae stated, my mother and my beloved died for my own sake, they died because of me. I have to survive and I will survive and torture the ones who killed my mother and my beloved. He consoled Yoo Jeong holding his tears back and reinstate her will to live.

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Bloody Heart Episode 1 Recap

In the end of Bloody Heart Ep 1, Lee Tae and Yoo Jeong were reunited after 7 years. Seeing Yoo-jeong’s cheerful smile, Lee Tae thought to himself, ‘Thank you for being alive.’ ‘My lover, who has fallen as a result of me,’ he said, revealing his love for Yoo-jeong.

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