Bloody Heart Ending Explained: King Lee Tae & Queen Yoo Jung Give Birth To A Son

In Bloody Heart Ep 16 which was the last and the final episode of the drama, Lee Tae and Yoo Jung give birth to a healthy son.

Bloody Heart Ep 16 Recap

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Bloody Heart Ep 16, Image Source: Twitter

Lee Tae (Lee Joon), who struck a bargain with Park Gye-won (Jang Hyuk), remarked to Yoo Jeong (Kang Han-na), “Do you want to turn Gwa-in against you? At this point, the end is in sight because the inner palace, which is the only entity that truly understands how Gwa-in has lived, has established its claim to the throne.” There is no end, so I started, Yoojung replied.

Added Lee Tae: “You must stop. You must get rid of the inner palace if it turns hostile.” “To safeguard the inner palace, I desired the consolidation of power. I can defend my palace in this manner.”

Yoojung, however, urged “Your Majesty, you must comply. Go the route of your magnificence. However, avoid taking the new concubine who is not your sire. With all her power, she will defend her.”

Meanwhile, Jeong Eui-gyun sets out to kill Choi Ga-yeon. He shot Choi Ga-yeon with an arrow, but Park Gye-won was hit instead and lost his life as a result. Park Gye-won said “Pease, live Daebi Mama. All the sins of Choi Ga Yeon is because of me, he added.

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Bloody Heart Kdrama Episode 16 Recap

Even if continuing to live is more shameful than passing away, if you do it for one more day, there will be days when you can smile.” He eventually passed out.

Eui-gyun informed Lee Tae of Park Gye-won’s passing. To die, Lee Tae said, you are telling so easily? Following this, Chung Eui-gyun announced that he would leave the palace for a while. He explained, “Those who saw me would say that Soshin murdered Jwauijeong and assassinated Daedamama.” He continued, “I asked my majesty my majesty. Just as the previous kings asked me for thy sire, the only thing I can trust is my lord.”

After seeing Park Gye-won’s last path, Lee Tae returned to Yoo-jeong’s arms. “Now there is no one to blame”, he said crying.

Just kill me Choi Ga-yeon said to Lee Tae when he visited her. But Lee Tae assertively declared, “I will dethrone you. Come now, let’s go to the hell that Daebi Mama made. “You have to prove that the king is filial, so live. You enjoy being alone in this palace.” He left the place leaving a creepy remark.

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Bloody Heart Ending

Yoo-jeong eventually gave birth to a healthy son. The heavy duty devotion ceremony for Yujeong then took place. Yoo Jung and Lee Tae are facing one another. Lee Tae stated, “You are the black blade above my head. You are the perfect haven that I fully believe in. So we must go together.

Yoo Jung received praise from Lee Tae for her accomplishment, and the ceremony to begin the middle war was rushed. Yoo-jeong made an effort to keep the Sarim factions in check by assigning people to positions of authority inside the administration.

Finally, Bloody Heart ended with a happy ending for the king, Lee Tae, and Queen Yoo Jung, as they were happily married in a royal wedding and gave birth to a healthy son.

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