Blind Kdrama Ending Explained: Ryu Seong-hoon’s Revenge Ends

The lengthy revenge of Ryu Seong-hoon came to an end in the final 16th episode of the tvN’s Friday-Saturday drama “Blind,” which aired on the 5th. (Blind Korean Drama Ending Explained).

In Blind Ep 16 an important movement to reveal the truth from 20 years ago began in earnest. The criminals who, for their own reasons, chose to ignore the truth paid the price for their crimes, while the victims, who left the past, left a lasting mark on the future.

When Ryu Seong-hoon faced Judge Il-ho Ryu, his final target for revenge, he forced him to publicly confess his sins. Ryu Seong-joon was equally as shocked by the ugly bare face of “Judge Hotong,” who opened up a new world to Jo Eun-gi, as were the viewers. In the end, he met his son’s handcuffs with handcuffs.

With a video he surreptitiously recorded, Ryu Seong-hoon exposed the real Yeom Yeom-nam and Na Gook-hee and Jeong Yun-jae, who was imprisoned with the crazy dog Baek Moon-gang, killed him and eventually died. Twenty years ago, the Hope Welfare Center’s retribution came to an end. The horrifying revenge of the victims, who had had all of their expectations crushed, led to their own misery and anger.

However, their revenge also served as the foundation for speaking the truth. Direct action was taken by Ryu Seong-joon and Jo Eun-gi to expose the reality behind the Hope Welfare Center. Ryu Seong-hoon, who saw this incident as an opportunity to educate people about the reality of that day 20 years ago, requested a public participation trial. Park Moo-hyeok, a victim of the Hope Welfare Center, served as his defence attorney.

The Hope Welfare Center nurse Jo In-suk, who testified as a key witness in the case, professed her profound regret and explained why she was forced to lie. Additionally, Ryu Seong-hoon requested an apology from everyone who was harmed by his revenge as well as the victims of the Hope Welfare Center. According to his plan, a foreboding of a shift in the reality that had shifted away from the truth arose from the interest of people who wanted to know the truth about Hope Welfare Center, which flooded in.

Ryu Seong-jun, Ryu Seong-hoon, and Jo Eun-gi also experienced changes. Ryu Seong-hoon escaped from the memory that inspired retribution and received the punishment he deserved as the younger brother expressed, “I wish I could come out of the past now.” Ryu Seong-jun considered the kids who were killed when he saw Eun-ki Jo having fun with his kids. When Ryu Seong-joon asked, “If there were adults who fought to the end without turning away from the truth,” those who were grounded in reality felt a strong resonance.

The series “Blind,” which explores the process of uncovering the truth from 20 years ago as well as a number of murder cases, has piqued viewers’ interest in reasoning with a number of unexpected twists and turns. We were particularly reminded of the victims who were disregarded by society when Ryu Seong-hoon asked the question, “Did you truly not see us?” to common criminals who covered their ears and eyes for their safety.

The jury, who was the central character in the revenge drama, and the three characters who look for the reality concealed in the mist were added to increase the level of immersion. The actors also added their passionate performances. Above all, the excellent directing, which amplified the tension typical of the genre and added atmosphere-enhancing music, increased the excitement of the chase.

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