Blackpink’s Lisa & GOT7’s BamBam, Korean-based Thai Rappers Who Wear Apartment Price Jewels

BamBam displayed flex like a Thai royal on “TMI NEWS SHOW,” and Lisa displayed a formidable financial prowess.

Look at the accessories worn by the celebs on the entertainment show “TMI NEWS SHOW,” which was broadcast on the 22ndof June.

Lisa from Blackpink has 77 million SNS followers worldwide. For the first time, Company B, the tenth-largest jewellery brand in the world, chose Lisa to represent the brand internationally. The snake-shaped necklace Lisa wore at the time was decorated with more than 200 carats of diamonds. According to estimates, it is worth 1,167 million won.

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The jewellery items Lisa was wearing at the event were known to cost around 1.24 billion won. Lisa wore Company A’s watch items in a casual manner which was about 70 million won in Korean won. She was wearing the price that was equivalent to the price of an apartment.

It was reported that GOT7’s BamBam, also known as the Prince of Thailand, gave his parents a two-story home as a gift when he was 20 years old. BamBam and his family operate 50 Korean restaurants in Thailand.

GOT7 BamBam, Image Courtesy: Koreaboo

He remarked that the watch he wore was so rare that money could not even buy it as a Swiss luxury brand P as he took a look at the goods he wore to the international idol music event MC. The 1,675 diamond watch is thought to be valued at over 500 million won. Over 90 million won was also the cost of bracelets and earrings from the same company he was wearing at the event.

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He displayed the genuine flex of a Thai prince by donning a watch worth a total of almost 1.45 billion won. Most importantly, he paid for it with his own money, not sponsors.

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