Blackpink’s Jennie In Underwear Exudes Sleekness & Seductiveness

The autumn 2022 Calvin Klein ad featuring Jennie from the girl group BLACKPINK has been unveiled.

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Jenny for Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein published a campaign image on January 1st with Jennie as the model. Introducing the Original Essentials collection of Calvin Klein’s most recent underwear and jeans, which are made to be worn on a daily basis.

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Blackpink Jennie for Calvin Klein

Jenny and other fall-friendly celebrities are included in this ad, which was directed and shot by Alasdair McLellan, to display the newest fashion. Stars like Jenny exude their unique appeal in the sleek, simple, and seductive still images.

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The episodic formatted video consists of images that pass by one another while depicting daily activities like exercising, washing dishes, and eating alone.

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Actress and filmmaker Chloe Sevigny, singer-songwriter Dominic Pike, international artist Jenny, singer-songwriter Michaela J. Rodriguez, actress and activist Susan Sarandon, and actor and producer Yahya Abdul-Martin II are all featured in this advertisement. Along with Akon Shankuo, other models include Efron Danjik, Fran Summers, Cade Holt, Lila Moss, Precious Lee, and Lian Van Rompeii.

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According to the preferences of the MZ generation, the underwear and loungewear featured in this campaign placed an emphasis on free and comfortable wear with seamless, no-wire, etc. Jenny’s charming yet stylish appearance, expression, and small frame allowed her to effortlessly soak up underwear, jeans, and jogger pants.

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On August 31st, the campaign went global, and daily fresh videos will be posted on social media.

Since the beginning of last year, Jenny has been a part of the Calvin Klein advertisement. A billboard in New York, United States, also features Jenny’s most recent photo shoot.

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