Blackpink To Be Featured As Cover Model For ‘Rolling Stone’, US Music Media..Describes Group As “Pop Supernova”

BlackPink to be featured on the cover of Rolling Stone, a prominent music publication in the United States.

On May 23rd, Rolling Stone published images of Blackpink members who became the cover models for the June issue, describing the group as a “Pop Supernova“.

According to Rolling Stone, “Blackpink is one of Korea’s most popular singers,” and “their phenomenal success is part of the Korean Wave, which demonstrates the global influence of Korean culture.”

After the Spice Girls in the United Kingdom and Destiny Child in the United States, BLACKPINK became the third girl group to appear on the Rolling Stone cover.

Blackpink is also the first Asian girl group to be featured on the cover of Rolling Stone.

Jisoo, Lisa, Jennie and Rose of Black Pink are featured in United States Music Media ‘Rolling Stone’.

Source: Blackpink’s Rose Instagram

Rosé expressed her amazement on social media, writing, “It’s an incredible honour to be included on the cover of Rolling Stone among the other members. Tell me this is a dream.”

Feature Image Credit: Blackpink’s Rose Instagram

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