Big Mouth Episode 14 Recap & Summary

In Big Mouse Ep 14, Park Chang-ho (Lee Jong-suk) was shot after he fell into Park Yoon-gap’s (Jung Jae-seong) trap.

Choi Do-ha was the grandson of the head of the research institute who was killed by Kang Seong-geun. When asked why Choi Do-ha had disguised himself and approached Kang Sung-geun, Park Chang-ho responded, “It’s about retribution. There is no other meaning.

Park Chang-ho, who had chosen to go to Kang Sung-geun’s birthday celebration, fled after getting a call from Park Yoon-gap. “Park Chang-ho will die soon,” warned Park Yoon-gap over the phone to Choi Do-ha.

Go Mi-ho was informed by Kang Seong-geun that Park Chang-ho had something special. Go Mi-ho laughed and responded, “If you like the answer, can you help me with the mayoral election,” to Kang Seong-geun’s question, “How are you going to help?”

I raised it by carrying it, Miho Gomi said in Kang Seong-geun’s ear. “I looked after the high school, and I was in jail for a bit, but in Gaecheon, I grew used to it. Is this not what I raised?

Park Yoon-gap caught Park Chang-ho in the meantime, and bound him tightly. Choi Do-ha received a video of Park Yoon-gap pointing his gun at Park Chang-ho.

He was murdered by your boss Choi Do-ha, Park Chang-ho remarked. Peace out, Park Yoon-gap! He shouted. “I don’t think Choi Do-ha is real! You will endure the same pain! “, but in the end, Park Yoon-gap shot him.

When Choi Do-ha saw the video of Park Chang-ho being shot, he laughed out. He went to Yoon-gap Park and discussed Park Chang-ho’s post-processing there.

Kang Seong-geun, however, also saw this scene. Park Yun-gap and Park Chang-ho were behind the plot. I’ll do it my way, Kang Seong-geun said over the phone to Choi Do-ha. “Whatever you do, everything will come true,” he then said to Park Chang-ho.

In addition to Jerry (Kwak Dong-yeon), Park Chang-ho’s closest ally, Soon-tae (Oh Eui-sik), Go Mi-ho, and Gok-gwang were all aware of his strategies. Mi-ho Go sobbed and grabbed Do-ha Choi by the neck as she said, “You killed it!” after realizing Chang-ho was dead.

Soon-tae’s hatred prompted Park Chang-ho to respond, “Choi Do-ha is over. I was handed over by Chairman Kang,” he stated. Mi-ho Go, who had fainted, was apologized to by Park Chang-ho.

Waiting for Choi Do-ha, Kang Seong-geun experienced agony in his heart. Choi Do-ha then showed up and remarked, “My grandfather and I ought to have benefited from your fortune. My granddad was incapable of screaming. He scoffed, “You feel the pain too.

Choi Do-ha, on the other hand, has been appointed as Kang Seong-geum’sassistant chief of staff in the interim. A will was taken from the safe by the two.

The death of Kang Sung-geun shocked Park Chang-ho the following day, who had assumed he had defeated Choi Do-ha. Knowing that Choi Do-ha had killed him, Park Chang-ho attended the funeral and remarked, “You killed him, I am certain. I’ll show you who you really are “He mumbled something in Choi Do-ha’s ear.

Miho Gomi identified a problem with her body in the meantime. Even when she brushed her teeth, they bled, and she also had nasal bleeding. As Miho thought back on the detainees’ leukaemia symptoms, she was in disbelief.

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