Big Mouth Episode 13 Recap & Summary

In Big Mouth Episode 13, as Big Mouse’s representative, Lee Jong-suk assumed leadership of the company. The power was granted to Park Chang-ho (Lee Jong-suk) to lead his organization by Novak, the real Big Mouse.

Novak made a vow to Park Chang-ho in the 13th episode of the Big Mouth. I will introduce myself. After exiting Novak’s restaurant, Park Chang-ho turned to the signboard and commented, “I was astonished, so I put the organization symbol so openly, but no one saw.” And then the area where Novak was standing blew up.

Following Novak’s death, Choi Do-ha (Kim Joo-Heon) informed Chairman Kang (Jeon Kook-hwan), who was watching the news, that Park Chang-ho was still alive. Not in my way. It would have served as sufficient notice. What else am I able to do because I don’t have a client? Chairman Kang disagreed with Choi Do-ha’s warning that “he’s more dangerous than Big Mouse.” Choi Do-ha, however, gave the order to deal with Park Chang-ho, declaring, “He knows too many secrets about me.”

Park Chang-ho, who had been attacked by a thug, is saved by Jerry (Kwak Dong-Yeon). “Do you? Is it you? “he asked, “Has one of the gang members told Big Mouse that he must save me?” and Jerry responded, “I’ve just joined the group.” I’m at least in the first 3 to suggest something like that. Where should we go? Where are we? Jerry clarified, “It’s the funeral for Big Mouse.” The top administrators of the company were present there.

Then, through the video of Novak, from this point on, the Big Mouse is not me, but Park Chang-ho. Be loyal to him. This is my will and my last order. This is how he transferred his control to Park Chang-ho. They have now established a mutually beneficial relationship. Park Chang-ho was questioned by Park Yoon-gap, who asked, “Who made that video?” No one? You took it right? You were the last person you met with the boss. Are you manipulating a video like that to take control? ” Kim Soon-Tae (Oh Eui-sik) then showed up and said, “I filmed it,” shocking Park Chang-ho.

I saved my friend. “Choi Do Haji is to blame since I forced you into hell.” I was afraid you wouldn’t like Big Mouse. “I am fully aware of your group, but would you have rescued me?” Park Chang-ho asked. “You mean by forcing Big Mouse on your back?” Kim Soon-tae asked. After accepting Big Mouse, Park Chang-ho instructed Kim Soon-tae to look into Chairman Kang.

In the meantime, Park Yoon-gap attacked Choi Do-ha because he could not accept Park Chang-ho, and Park Chang-ho retorted, “You are also dead if Choi Do-ha is, since you ruined my intentions.” In the best possible way, I will expose every single crime they did. I’m just going to do that there.

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