Big Mouth Episode 1 Recap

In Big Mouth Ep 1, Lim Yoon-ah and Lee Jong-suk gave off the impression of being an unhappy marriage.

Park Chang-ho and Ko Mi-ho (Lee Jong-suk and Im Yoon-ah), who celebrated their wedding anniversary and even mentioned their divorce in the MBC Friday-Saturday drama “Big Mouse,” which aired on the 29th.

In celebration of his wedding anniversary, Park Chang-ho set the mood by sharing a steak with Gomi-ho and Meat Maniac. In addition to discussing the debt accumulated, Miho Gomi said, “Didn’t you tell me to eat pork belly at home?” But Park Chang-ho was enthusiastic about the new case and predicted that his name would be on TV.

To meet the client in charge of the matter, Park Chang-ho stood up first. Then, a waiter offered him a cup of coffee, and Chang-ho Park, who was feeling dizzy from the coffee, crashed his car while driving.

A day unlike any other began for Park Chang-ho and Go Mi-ho seven days ago. “Don’t even think of coming home after an incident,” Mi-ho Gomi advised Park Chang-ho. All the money Mi-ho Gomi had saved was lost when Park Chang-ho was conned previously.

Park Chang-ho ultimately lost the lawsuit and was the target of client complaints. Customers objected to Park Chang-ho being referred to as “Big Mouse.” Mi-ho Ko considered divorce and stated she could not live any longer after realising Chang-ho Park had lost. Even if we split, the father-in-law will live with me, said Park Chang-ho in response to the request for a divorce.

Park Chang-ho met Gucheon Mayor Choi Do-ha on this day, and he took control of a mysterious car accident case.

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