Big Mouth Ending Explained – Miho Dies (Episode 16 Recap)

In Big Mouth Ep 16, Go Mi-ho (Lim Yoon-ah) and Park Chang-ho (Lee Jong-suk) were in a courtroom where Go Mi-ho revealed the truth about her illness.

In the Bitcoin case, which Chang-ho Park defended, Koki-gwang, who was waiting for Mi-ho Go, identified the primary offender. Koki-gwang exclaimed, shocked to learn he would be a citizen representative, “I’m not a bitcoin scammer!

Choi Do-ha has a hidden card, Soon-tae said. Skip it. We also have a hidden card for it. The head of the broadcasting station received the video that Mi-ho had previously sent. Soon-tae delivered it.

The Bitcoin scammer lied in court, saying he gave Park Chang-ho 5 billion won during a debate show. Gomi entered at the same moment and introduced herself as a radiation victim of NK Chemical, not Park Chang-ho’s ex-wife. Gomi’s shocking confession left Park Chang-ho speechless as she was taken aback. It’s a fact that my husband doesn’t even know, Miho Gomi stated. I now have lymphoma that is terminal.

According to Miho Gomi, NK Chemicals unlawfully dumped radioactive effluent into the sea for 30 years starting in 1992. As a result, people are getting cancer!” Go Mi-ho remarked to Choi Do-ha, who the prosecution would be looking into, “Choi Do-ha is with you in all the corruption and corruption. It will soon be made known! She stated icily.

Choi Do-ha ultimately won in the election for mayor, although Park Chang-ho and Go Mi-ho were declared defeated but chose to have a celebration in the office. Choi Do-ho’s phone was then brought by Hyun Joo-hee. Hyun Joo-hee made the decision to testify during the trial, but she did not.

Even though Park Chang-ho and Go Mi-ho were furious and thought Choi Do-ha had killed even Hyun Joo-hee, the verdict of not guilty stood. Unfortunately, Miho Gomi was unable to recover from the illness and passed away. The passing of Mi-ho Go devastated Park Chang-ho.

Soon after the funeral, Park Chang-ho visited Choi Do-ha who was diving in the pool. “What is that,” Choi Do-ha asked. The reply from Park Chang-ho was, “I took over this building.”

Park Chang-ho calmly said, “I am Big Mouse,” to Choi Do-ha’s snide remark that “Big Mouse pays a lot of money.” Upon being shocked, Choi said, “What if you are a Big Mouse? He mocked, “Money, power, what will you beat me to?

What did you see? The law did not prevent me. Park Chang-ho asked Choi Do-ha, who was laughing at him, “Did you not think of the people who suffered because of you?” Do I have to consider how those individuals must be suffering? Choi Do-ha, who had been making fun of the victims all along, yelled, “They are all losers!

Park Chang-ho responded, “Thank you. I won’t even consider your suffering,” he stated reassuringly. Choi Do-ha immediately puked blood.

At the end of Big Mouth Ep 16 which was the last and the final episode of the drama, everything eventually came to light. All of Choi Do-ha’s corruption and misdeeds were made public, and the VIP who killed Professor Choi was also harshly punished.

Mi-ho’s words, “I want you to be a good big mouse,” were taken to heart by Park Chang-ho. Park Chang-ho was a Big Mouse who was committed to seeing justice done.

So the finale of the Big Mouth ended with Choi Do-ha’s misdeeds being revealed to the public and Miho’s death which devastated viewers. Thereafter, viewers’ commented “I was punished instead of the law,” “Don’t let Go Mi-ho go like this,” “I cry more than Park Chang-ho,” etc.

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