Big Mouth Episode 15 Recap & Summary

In Big Mouth Ep 15, Gong Ji-hoon planned to cut off Park Chang-ho once Chairman Kang left. At that point, Park Chang-ho showed up in front of Gong Ji-hoon and informed him that Chairman Kang had not passed away from a heart attack. Later, he said, “You will come to me first when the will is made public. At that moment, don’t come and seek help. First, you betrayed the trust.” Gong Ji-hoon, who had previously read Chairman Kang’s will in secret, did not even attempt to pretend to listen.

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Big Mouth Kdrama ep 15

When much of Kang Seong-Geun’s legacy was transferred to Choi Do-ha and Hyun Joo-hee, Gong Ji-hoon fled up the road. He ran over to Park Chang-ho right away and promised to support the election by saying, “I will take off my socks and my pants and run with my mouth open.” Park Chang-ho stated, “If I become the mayor, I can judge Choi Do-ha with only the law and justice without expediency.”

In the meantime, Choi Do-ha claimed that he would run for mayor of Gucheon once more, taking aim at Park Chang-ho. When Park Chang-ho observed the situation, he remarked, “If this happens, I will make this election a grave for Choi Do-ha.”

Miho was unfortunate. Go Mi-ho visited a hospital. She told to the doctor that she come from the nursing profession. It’s fine, so feel free to let her know the results of the checkup. According to the doctor, chemotherapy was required because the acute lymphoma was in a late stage.

Park Chang-ho and Choi Do-ha both performed well in the election. The level of support for Park Chang-ho increased from 7% to 22%. Miho Gomi wept when she was surrounded by those who offered their greetings and smiled.

Are you a Big Mouse, Park Chang-ho? Miho Gomi asked as she walked with him. It’s true that you became a big mouse after Mr Novak passed away, she added. Park Chang-ho, said that he was forced to perform the act until Choi Do-ha was punished. Gomi-ho was carried by Park Chang-ho and talked about old memories.

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Big Mouth Episode 15, Source: (1)

Gong Ji-hoon revealed the true identity of Choi Do-ha to shareholders, but it did not work. Choi Do-ha and Hyun Joo-hee, who became the largest shareholders, even raised the issue of dismissing Gong Ji-hoon as CEO. Hyeon Joo-hee, deceived by Choi Do-ha, did not listen to Gong Ji-hoon’s story at all. In the end, Gong Ji-hoon made a plan to bring Chairman Kang’s son. Chairman Kang’s son committed serial murders but fled abroad after being framed by someone else.

The son of Chairman Kang was the one who falsely accused Tak Gwang-Yeon. The younger brother of Tak Kwang-Yeon confessed to Go Mi-ho after Tak Kwang-Yeon passed away, “My brother is not a serial killer. I had a wealthy psychopath, but my mother took the blame for my brother making me have surgery.”

Choi Do-ha met with a prosecutor who had previously succeeded in convincing Park Chang-ho to withdraw from the election. Choi Do-ha caused controversy for Park Chang-ho prior to the TV debate. Park Chang-ho nevertheless attempted to win the TV debate.

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