Top 10 Best Webtoon-Based K-Dramas On Viki 2022

Webtoons play a significant role in popular pop culture. They are well-liked and perceived in South Korea, where webtoons are better known by the name “manhwa.” It’s been a while since Koreans started producing Kdramas based on webtoons, which are well received by audiences worldwide. There are so many good and refreshing Korean dramas based on webtoons on Viki.

Must-Watch Webtoon-Based Dramas On Viki 2022

Viki is a terrific location to watch both new and classic K-dramas. We have covered here the best possible webtoon-based kdramas. Below is a list of the best webtoon-based Korean dramas to watch on VIKI in 2022.

1. True Beauty

True Beauty

“An insecure young woman learns how to use makeup to transform into a ravishing beauty – but what will happen when a male classmate discovers what she really looks like?”

2. Yumi’s Cells

Kim Go eun as Yumi in Yumis Cells Season 2 poster 1024x550 1

“Recovering from a bad breakup, the love cells of an ordinary working woman spark back to life after she meets a taciturn game developer.”

3. Cheese In The Trap

cheese in the trap

“An awkward college girl may be the only person to truly understand a good-looking fellow student who harbours a dark secret about his past.”

4. Clean with Passion for Now

clean with passion for now leads e1623500910883

“A romantic comedy between a messy employee and her germophic boss who can’t get his hands dirty!”

5. So I Married The Anti-Fan

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“A leading entertainment star must live with a woman who is famous for hating his guts – knowing his every move will be broadcasted to millions of TV viewers!”

6. Backstreet Rookie

preview backstreet rookie episode 1 pertemuan ji chang wook dan kim yoo jung di toko serba ada

“A woman takes a job at a convenience store in a desperate bid to win the love of the man of her dreams!”

7. Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency


“A desperate king hires the country’s best matchmakers to transform his first love into the noblest of women.”

8. My Roommate is a Gumiho

image10 2

“A thousand-year-old gumiho and a university student agree to move in together after she unintentionally swallows his precious bead.”

9. The Tale of Nokdu


“Two runaways meet in a village populated with widows – but can they keep their secrets when love comes calling?”

10. What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim


“A narcissistic executive tries to figure out why his longtime trusted secretary would want to quit working for him!”

Source: Viki, Images Courtesy: Promotional Posters of the respective network.


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Is it better to watch K-drama in subbed or dubbed form?

It is entirely a matter of personal preference. We prefer the subtitled version because it captures the characters’ original emotion, which is frequently lost in the dubbed versions. Furthermore, most K-drama streaming sites may not carry dubbed versions of your favourite drama, so you’re stuck with subtitled ones.

“Enjoy seeing how webtoon characters find true love in the real world!”

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