20 Best Romance Fantasy K Dramas to watch in 2022

Top 20 Best Romance Fantasy K Dramas to Watch in 2022. Once you are hooked on k-dramas then there is no going back. Welcome back chingu 😃 you will definitely find your next k-drama here to add to your watchlist. Here is the complete list of top 20 Must Watch romance fantasy k dramas to add to your watchlist this 2022. This list contains the best romance fantasy k dramas, I am suggesting these to you because in my opinion, these are a must-watch romance fantasy k dramas. If you are looking for something which could uplift your mood then believe me these Korean Dramas will definitely make you feel good.

List of Best Romance Fantasy K Dramas

20. My Roommate Is A Gumiho

best romance fantasy k dramas
Romance Fantasy K Dramas, My Roommate Is A Gumiho, Image Credit; Promotional Poster
  • Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Comedy 
  • Ratings: IMDb-7.9/10  Mydramalist-8.4/10
  • Total Episodes: 16
  • Release Date: May 26 –July 15, 2021

It is a story of a gumiho, who has lived hundreds of years. One day, accidently the bead of the gumiho sticks in the throat of a college student girl, in order to take back the bead from the girl they lives together, while living together they starts to have feelings for each other.

19. Mr. Queen

best romance fantasy k dramas
Romance Fantasy K Dramas, Mr. Queen, Image Credit: Promotional Poster,tvn
  • Genre: Historical, Romantic comedy, Fantasy, Body swap
  • Ratings: IMDb- 8.810 Mydramalist-9\10
  • Total Episodes: 16
  • Release Date: December 12, 2020 – February 14, 2021

This drama is set in Joseon Era, One day the spirit of a chef at President’s house finds its way into the body of a Queen and causes chaos in the palace. Today, Chang Bong Hwan works as a cook at President’s Blue House. He has a free heart, but his heart somehow got into the body of Queen Kim So-yeon during the Joseon Dynasty.

King Jung Hyun has a secret. He looks like a gentle and gentle brain. In fact, it hides its strengths. Queen Sunwon is the wife of the late Sunjo of Joseon. She uses the true power of the country to demote King Cheoljong to a mere podium. Kim Tae Woo is the younger brother of Queen Sunwon. He is very ambitious.

18. I Am Not A Robot

I am Not A Robot
Romance Fantasy K Dramas, I Am Not A Robot, Image Source: Promotional Poster
  • Total Episodes: 32
  • Release Date: December 6, 2017 – January 25, 2018

Min-Kyu is the biggest shareholder of a fund company. He is good looking and cleverly, but he lives in separation due to his hypersensitivity of individuals. In the mean time, Ji-A is an yearning business visionary and works as a individual customer. She gets a phone call from her ex-boyfriend Baek-Gyun. Her ex-boyfriend could be a world eminence engineer of android robots. His most recent creation is the android Aji 3, which he built with the same physical appearance as Ji-A, but an mishap has broken Aji 3.

Making things more regrettable, he has gotten an arrange for Aji 3 from Min-Kyu with the guarantee of more speculation cash on the off chance that he’s fulfilled. Being in such a bind, Baek-Gyun offers cash to Ji-A in case she will go to Min-Kyu’s domestic and imagine to be Aji 3. Ji-A is in require of cash and acknowledges the offer.

But knowing the fact that she is a robot, Min Kyu started to have feelings for that robot.

17. While You Were Sleeping

best romance fantasy kdramas
Romance Fantasy K Dramas, While You Were Sleeping, Image Source: Wikipedia
  • Episodes: 32
  • Release Date: September 27 – November 16, 2017

While You Were Sleeping is a combination of the lawful dramatization and fantasy, centering on the story of three youthful grown-ups who have obtained the capacity to see future through their dreams: field columnist Nam Hong-joo (Bae Suzy), rookie prosecutor Jung Jae-chan (Lee Jong-suk), and police officer Han Woo-tak (Jung Hae-in).

A few of these dreams show wrongdoings that Jae-chan needs to examine and others appear lamentable occasions that one or more of them will have to be persevere. Disturbed by these dreams, the trio collaborate with each other to avoid their inauspicious dreams from turning into reality and to require down their chief rival, the degenerate legal counselor Lee Yoo-beom (Lee Sang-yeob).

While stopping the events from happening, the three of them soon entangled in a love triange, it’s intriguing to see who will Nam Joo Hong choose.

16. My Holo Love

best romance fantasty k dramas
Romance Fantasy K Dramas, My Holo Love, Image Source; IMDb
  • Episodes: 12
    Release Date: February 7, 2020
  • Genre: Romance, Science Fiction, Fantasy

So-Yeon (Ko Sung-Hee) encompasses a issue recognizing faces. Due to this, she keeps a distance from other individuals. So-Yeon gets to be a beta analyzer for visualization AI Holo (Yoon Hyun-Min). AI Holo is totally on her side. Being with So-Yeon, AI Holo realizes the constrain of fake insights. In the interim, Nan-Do (Yoon Hyun-Min) is the engineer of AI Holo. Nan-Do has the same physical appearance as AI Holo, but his identity is totally distinctive. Whereas observing So-Yeon and AI Holo, he feels something that he has never felt before.

15. Pinnochio

Romance Fantasy K Dramas, Pinnochio, Image Source: Promotional Poster, SBS
  • Episodes: 20
  • Release Date: November 12, 2014 – January 15, 2015

The storyline of the this drama spins around Choi In Ha, an excellenct student who was a class topper in her high school and a boy who lost his parents in a mishap. Choi In Ha is now a news reporter at a news channel. One of the qualities that produces her distinctive from others as well as uncommon is that she has Pinocchio disorder.

As a result of this disorder, she cannot lie or she will get hiccups. Along side her colleagues, Choi Dal Po, Yoon Yoo Rae, and Seo Behind are chasing equity for an accident that happened numerous a long time prior and the media bullied the casualties. Presently they are attempting to split the case of how the mishap happened and who was the guilty.

14. I Can Hear Your Voice

I can hear your voice
Romance Fantasy K Dramas, I Can Hear Your Voice, Image Source: Asianwiki
  • Episodes: 18
  • Release Date: June 5 – August 1, 2013

Jang Hye Sung, a strong, sassy public defender, whobecomes a legal counselor after overcoming poverty and painful memories from her childhood, comes to realization about society and justice after meeting Soo Ha, a 19-year-old high school senior with the supernatural ability to read other people’s thoughts by looking into their eyes.

Soo-ha gained his mind-reading ability when witnessing his father getting murdered ten years ago.Jang Hye Sung is actually Soo Ha’s first love after she gave a decisive testimony on his father’s murder case 10 years ago and Soo Ha promised to protect her from the killer’s threats. Together they will team up to find the justice in the courtroom and solve the toughest cases with less than 1% chance of winning.

13.Secret Garden

Secret Garden
Romance Fantasy K Dramas , Secret Garden, Image Source: Promotional Poster, SBS
  • Episodes: 20
  • Release Date: November 13, 2010 – Janaury 16, 2011

A story of Joo Won, a rich and narcissistic CEO of a successful company, who falls in love with a down-to-earth stuntwoman Ra Mi, he deals with several conflicting emotions while trying to woo her. . Through a misconception whereas attempting to resolve a embarrassment of his cousin, Oska, a celebrated vocalist, Ra-im and Joo-won meet and he finds himself shocked by her coolness. Joo-won does not get it why Ra-im is continually on his intellect, and chooses to seek after her.

In spite of the fact that she at first is repulsed by him, Ra-im steadily begins responding his feelings. As two diverse universes collide, Ra-im and Joo-won continuously learn around each other’s universes. But Joo-won’s mother does not need them to cherish each other. In spite of his mother’s protests, they get married.

12. Extraordinary You

Extraordinary You
Romance Fantasy K Dramas, Extraordinary You, Image Source: IMDb
  • Episodes: 16
  • Release Date: October 2 – November 21, 2019

Eun Dan-O a student in a prestigious high school. Her family is well off, but Eun Dan-O encompasses a heart illness. She is engaged and her fiance studies in the sane school as her. She likes him a part, but he does not like her at all. Suddenly, Eun Dan-O has short-term memory loss and she can see what will happen within the near future. She gets confused by her indications. At that point, Jinmiche, from the school cafeteria, tells Eun Dan-O that she could be a character within the comic “Secret” like everyone else there.

Eun Dan-O learns that her character isn’t indeed a fundamental character, but or maybe an additional and she doesn’t have much time to live. So she decides to find her own love.

11. Lovers Of The Red Sky

Lovers of the red sky
Romance Fantasy K Dramas, Lovers Of The Red Sky, Image Source: Promotional Poster(SBS)
  • Episodes: 16
  • Release Date: August 30 – October 26, 2021

Set in the Joseon time, It follows the story of Hong Cheon-Ki, a female painter with virtuoso like painting ability. She is picked as the primary female painter of the Dohwaseo (Korean Illustrious Foundation of Portray). Hong Cheon-Ki moreover encompasses a wonderful appearance and shinning identity. For her, painting is everything. One day, she meets Ha Ram an officer at the Seowoongwan, an office in charge of space science, geology, craftsmanship of divination, meteorology.

When he was young an incident caused him blindnes. Hong Cheon-Ki falls in love with him and she does not care that he is blind. Hong Cheon-Ki keeps showing up before Ha Ram. She is Ha Ram’s first love but he hides this truth from her.

10. The King: Eternal Monarch

King: Eternal Monarch
Romance Fantasy K Dramas, King: Eternal Monarch, Image Source: Amazon
  • Episodes: 16
  • Release Date: April 17 – June 12, 2020

Lee Gon is a emperor of korean kingdom. His citizens respect him as the culminate pioneer. But behind this immaculate appearance, covers up a profound wound. When he was8 years old, his father was killed in front of him. At that time someone saved him from being killed and now he in search of the one who saved him.

Amid one of his ventures, he sees himself impelled into a parallel world where he meets Jeong Tae Eul,a police officer, she has strong personality. Later, they fall for each other.

9. My Love From The Star

My Love From The Star
Romance Fantasy K Dramas, My Love From The Star, Image Source: IMDb
  • Total Episodes: 21
  • Release Date: December 18, 2013 – February 27, 2014

It depicts the love story of an alien and a woman named Cheon Song Yi. Do Min-Joon is an alien who landed on earth 400 years ago amid the Joseon Tradition period. Do Min-Joon has a close idealize appearance and upgraded physical capacities including his vision, hearing and speed. Do Min-Joon holds a critical see to human creatures, but he falls in love with a low witted female actress Cheon Song Yi.

8. The Legend Of The Blue Sea

legend of the blue sea
Romance Fantasy K Dramas, The Legend Of The Blue Sea, Image Source: Promotional poster
  • Episodes: 20
  • Release Date: November 16, 2016 – January 25, 2017

The Legend of the Blue Sea is a story of Shim Cheong (Jun Ji-Hyun), a mermaid, and Heo Joon-Jae (Lee Min-ho), a witty con artist. Set in two different time periods, the Jorsean Era and modern day n Seoul. In Josean Era, Joon Jae was village chief and helped the mermaid from getting killed by the villagers. Now, he has taken rebirth and is now a con artist, a very skilled scammer with magician like abilities.

One day, Shim Cheon appers in front of him, he becomes interested in her because of a her Jade Bracelet worth millions and let her live with him. Later, he finds that she is a mermaid and recalls that he had some past connections with her.

7. Doom At Your Service

 Best Romance Fantasy K Dramas
Romance Fantasy K Dramas, Doom At Your Service, Image Source: Promotional Poster
  • Ratings: IMDb-8.1/10 Mydramalist-8.4/10
  • Total Episode: 16
  • Release Date: May 10–June 29, 2021

It is a story of a woman who lost her parents in her childhood and was diagnosed with a brain tumour, now she has less than 100 days to live. As she prays for the destruction of the world, destruction himself comes to her and asks her to wish the world to end and he will grant her wish, he demands her to ask for the destruction of the world or else the one whom she loves the most will die, before the end of 100 days. But later she starts to fall for the doom and now he is the one whom she loves the most.

6. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Best Romance Fantasy K Dramas
Romance Fantasy K Dramas, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, Image Credit: Promotional Poster
  • Episodes: 16
  • Release Date: February 24–April 15, 2017

Do Bong Soon is not an ordinary woman. She is the most recent in a long line of women who have amazing qualities and strengths. Bong Soon has unimaginable powers. She has 100 times more strength than an ordinary being. If she happens to utilize her powers for narrow-minded reasons or to hurt others, she’ll end up like her mother, Hwang Jin Yi, who lost her powers forever. Although Do Bong uses her bloodline’s surprising power for goodwill.

One day, she was fighting with some gangsters, a CEO of the gaming company, Ainsoft, happens to see her surprising powers so he decides to make her his bodyguard.

It should definitely be on your watchlist of best romance fantasy k dramas, believe me, it will definitely keep you hooked up until the end.

5. Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

Best Romance Fantasy K Dramas
Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, Image Credit: Promotional Poster
  • Episodes: 20
  • Release Date: August 29-November 1, 2016

If you are not a fan of historical k dramas, still I suggest you to which this drama, believe me, it is worth watching, this is one of the best romance fantasy k dramas of all time.

During a solar eclipse, a 25-year-old 21st-century lady, Go Ha-jin (Lee Ji-Eun), is transported back in time to the Goryeo Dynasty. She wakes up in the year 941, within the body of Hae Soo, among the numerous sovereigns of the administering Wang family, under the rule of Ruler Taejo.

She at first falls in love with the delicate and warm-hearted 8th Ruler, Wang Wook (Kang Ha-neul), but afterwards develops a relationship with Wang So (Lee Joon-gi), the fearsome 4th Prince, who hides his face behind a veil and is given the defamatory name of “wolf-dog”. Later, Hae Soo finds herself unwittingly caught up in the royal residence legislative issues and the competition among the rulers as they battle for the position of royalty.

4. Tale Of The Nine-Tailed

tale of the nine tailed
Tale Of The Nine Tailed, Image Credit: Promotional Poster
  • Ratings: IMDb-8\10, Mydramalist-8.3\10
  • Episodes: 16
  • Release Date: October 7–December 3, 2020

It depicts the story of, Lee Young who was once the spirit of the mountain of Baekdudaegan. He sacrificed his life as a mountain god and revived the life of his beloved woman, AEum. Lee Young is currently living as a human-shaped nine-tailed fox. He has lived this way for hundreds of years.

Meanwhile, Nam Ji Ah works at a TVC station as a documentary PD. She is looking for a story about the supernatural. In 1999, her parents had a car accident at a young age. She remembered the man who saved her in the accident. Nam Ji A is currently reviewing CCTV footage from the wedding hall where the bride disappeared. She sees the man who saved her as a child walking away from the wedding wall with a red umbrella. His name is Lee Young.

3. Goblin: The Lonely And Great God

Romance Fantasy K Dramas, Goblin, Image Credit: Promotional Poster
  • Episodes: 16
  • Release Date: December 2, 2016-January 21, 2017

This K drama is a must-watch as it won numerous awards and has received high ratings from users, it is a must-watch best romance fantasy K drama.

This drama depicts the story of Kim Shin, a brightened military general of the Goryeo Dynasty. He was backstabbed and murdered by the young king of Goryeo. A long time after his passing, he is reviled for being undying until the end of time with a sword stuck in his chest, which cannot be taken out by himself. He continues to live on for centuries, watching his loved one pass away. The only way to put an end to his immortality is through the Goblin’s Bride. The Goblin Bride is the one who can remove the sword from his chest. One day, a college student tells him that she is the chosen bride for him.

2. Hotel Del Luna

Hotel del luna
Romance Fantasy K Dramas, Hotel Del Luna Image Credit: Promotional Poster
  • Ratings: IMDb-8.2\10. Mydramalist-8.7\10
  • Total Episodes: 16
  • Release Date: July 13–September 1, 2019

If you are looking for something that can refresh your mood, then without waiting for a second, go for this drama. Hotel Del Luna follows the story of the immortal woman Mang Man Wol and a modern man, Koo Chan Sung. Man Wol is the CEO of Hotel Del Luna, located in downtown Seoul, a mysterious hotel that is only visible to ghosts and only serves ghosts. The hotel has a very old look. Because of her past sins, she got stuck in Hotel del Luna. She is beautiful but capricious, suspicious, and greedy.

Koo Chan Sung is the youngest assistant manager in history working for a multinational hotel group. He is a real perfectionist. He looks crazy, but he actually has a soft tendency. Due to an unexpected incident, he began working as a manager at Hotel Del Luna. The list of the best romance fantasy k-dramas is incomplete without this drama.

1. W: Two Worlds

w two worlds
Romance Fantasy K Dramas, W: Two Worlds, Image Credit: Promotional Poster
  • Episodes: 16
  • Release Date: July 20 – September 14, 2016

This drama received praise for its unique concept and ranked first on the Content Power Index in its premiere week. It achieved high ratings of 11.63%, topping viewership ratings in its time slot for its entire run. It will keep you hooked up until the end. There wasn’t a second when I felt bored while watching this Korean drama.

It depicts the love story of Kang Chul (Lee Jong-Suk), who is super rich and exists on the webtoon “W,” and Oh Yeon-Joo (Han Hyo-Joo), who is a surgeon in the real world. The webtoon was created by Yeon Joo’s father. She gets pulled into the webtoon and there she gets involved with Kang Chul and entangled in a murder mystery.

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