Behind Every Star Kdrama Ending Explained

In the final episode of tvN’s Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Behind Every Star‘, which aired on the 13th, the story of actress Kim Ah-joong (Kim Ah-joong) and Method Enter staff at the ‘Busan International Film Festival’ was drawn.

In Behind Every Star Ep 12, Kim A-joong headed to Busan with Cheon Je-in as the sole MC of the Busan International Film Festival.

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Behind Every Star Ending Explained

While Kim Ah-joong was practicing the MC script, Cheon Je-in had a meeting with Kang So-yeon, the team leader in charge of the opening ceremony of the sub-international, and Shin Joo-kyung (Kim Chae-eun), the daughter of C&G, was present. Cheon Je-in suggested that she want to have lunch with Kim A-joong.

However, upon hearing this, Ah-joong Kim said, “I’m not close to that person” and refused, saying, “I saw it at the after-party of the premiere. They use the friend’s parents to go to all kinds of after-parties to build relationships with actors, promote their own brand, and abuse new actors.”

After hearing Kim Ah-joong’s refusal, Shin Joo-kyung said, “Then you can come to my birthday party tonight.” Kang So-yeon added, “Sooner or later, that company will expand its business to Hollywood. The foreign officials from Busan are also in that line. Didn’t Kim A-joong dress get it through there? If you close your eyes to play with celebrities, you can gain a lot.”

In the end, Cheon Je-in brought up the story of Shin Joo-kyung’s party to Kim Ah-joong, and Kim Ah-jung said, “I’m the only MC, so I’m trying to show off next to me.” Desperate Cheon Jae-in, Kim Ah-joong decided to go to Shin Joo-kyung’s birthday party, but while Cheon Jae-in was waiting for Kim Ah-joong, she found out that Hae-jun Gu had used Kim Ah-joong for his business. Cheon Je-in told Kim Ah-joong, who was ready, not to go to Shin Joo-kyung’s birthday party, saying, “I was wrong.” But as a result, Shin Joo-kyung steals the dress Kim Ah-joong prepared for the Busan-international festival.

Kim Ah-joong went directly to Shin Joo-kyung to find a dress, but gave up the dress with a cool finger swearing at the words, “I thought the actress was sick. The manager next to her sister thought she was on the same level as the actress in regards to parasitizing on celebrities.” .Kim Ah-joong, who lost her clothes three hours before the Busan-international, remembers that there is a famous hanbok designer Han Bo-reum’s studio in Busan, and heads to meet him.

Cheon Je-in met Woo Yeon-hee and So Hyeon-ju there, and succeeded in persuading So Hyeon-joo and Han Bo-reum, who had a close relationship with Han Bo-reum’s mother, and received the costume. So Hyeon-joo found a shortcut from Busan for her Cheonje-in and drove, and she arrived at the Bukje International just in time.

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Behind Every Star Ep 12

Meanwhile, Matthew and Song Eun-ha reunited. Song Eun-ha went to Busan to find Matthew Oh and said, “Let’s start over by filling in each other’s shortcomings.” She said, “I heard that Hyun-joo So, you helped her. Don’t turn away from her anymore.”

Mateo suggested to So Hyun-joo, “Let’s go to the sub-international reception party. I put your name on it.” Mateo visited So Hyun-joo in person and presented her outfit, and So Hyun-joo met Cheon Je-in and expressed her will, saying, “I want to be a person like the team leader. I will not give up.”

Goo Hae-joon said to Matthew, “I don’t know of an ST agency in the US. I’m trying to take it over.” He said, “If I take over, Director Ma will take over as the representative.” While they were talking, Song Eun-ha, who was waiting for Matthew in the room, was furious when she saw a mysterious messenger on the tablet linked to Matthew’s cell phone.

Cheon Je-in is reunited with Lee Sang-wook, who realizes that she has stopped menstruating, and takes a pregnancy test with a shocked expression. Afterwards, she left a meaningful message to her Method Enter colleagues, “I have one more mountain to climb,” and the drama ended.

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