Becoming Witch Kdrama Ending Explained

The last and final episode of the drama “Becoming Witch“, which premiered on the 10th of September, ended happily with Gong-Mari (Lee Yu-ri) and Yang Jin-A (Yoon So Yi) reaching a turning point in their lives after overcoming so many hurdles.

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In the final episode of ‘Becoming Witch’, when Lee Nak-goo, who was presumed to have drowned, unexpectedly showed up at his funeral home, Gong-Mari’s bereavement divorce scheme failed. According to the footage of the suspension bridge that was used as evidence, Nak-goo attempted to kill Gong-Mari before he fell into the river and met his demise.

Chae Hee-soo and Nam Moo-young expressed their true emotions that they were unable to express. Nam Moo-young conveyed the regret that Chae Hee-soo did not want to have children so that she would not suffer the pain of miscarriage again, and that he had run away to another place leaving only his wife. They became a real couple.

The fact that the sea level was low allowed Yang Jin-ah, who was left alone in the harbour, to access her hidden money bag. After giving it some thought, Yang Jin-ah decided to take her insurance money and surrender herself to the police station after learning she was pregnant before she could enjoy her money once again.

The three witches finally got together after a long separation, but Chae Hee-soo revealed that she was battling cancer. She spent time there acting as though it were her last day of life—playing, eating, and laughing as though she had gone back to her schooldays—but she also wept uncontrollably in the face of the unexpected horror of her passing.

Mari Gong and Jin-ah Yang kept their pledge to be by her side even in the end, and the three friends accepted the split after Chae Hee-soo left to watch the aurora with Kim Moo-young before her own demise.

Despite the fact that Chae Hee-soo was staring at her aurora while her eyes were closed, and Gong Marie and Yang Jin-ah were only made aware of this later, their friendship and their individual lives blazed more brilliantly than ever.

At the end of Becoming Witch Ep 12, Chae Hee-soo dies next to the person she loves, Gong-Mari overcame the witch hunt and finally obtained a divorce, Lee Nak-goo passed away after being struck by lightning, Yang Jin-ah reunites with her husband and names the kid “Hee-soo,” and the two women remain friends forever.

Above all, the actors’ passionate performances, which were constantly brimming with passion and fire, were the reason the characters were able to shine in the middle of the greatest adversity. Lee Yu-ri (Gong-Mari), Lee Min-young (Chae Hee-soo), Yoon So-Yi (Yang Jin-ah), Jeong Sang-hoon (Lee Nak-goo), Kim Young-Jae (Nam Moo-Yeong), and Ryu Yeon-Seok are the six main characters (Kim Woo-bin), Even when the drama is done, the characters will live on in the viewers’ memories.

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