Athlete to Part-Timer, Bodyguard to Editor, Kim Sejeong’s Numerous Transformations in ‘Today’s Webtoon’

Kim Sejeong projected an all-around performance from the opening episode of SBS’s “Today’s Webtoon.” Various transitions are anticipated to continue, ranging from judo player to part-time delivery girl, bodyguard, and webcomic editor.

The first episode of SBS’s new Friday-Saturday drama “Today’s Webtoon” will premiere on July 29, where Onmaeum (Kim Se-Jeong) who has worked hard for 15 years as a judo player will find a new dream of being a webtoon editor by letting go of her judo career.

After retiring from Judo she was employed in a number of side hustles, including deliveries and bodyguarding, as can be seen from the published still cuts. When she was wounded or worn out as a player, she would then have the chance to pursue a career in webcomics, which gave her solace and the willpower to get back up.

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In published still cuts she rides through the delivery region on an electric kickboard, and guards the unsettling character. The images show a woman with exceptional passion and energy who, as her name implies, gives her all into every activity she undertakes. This woman is predicted to undergo a variety of transformations. The process of giving up what you have devoted your life to in order to pursue a new ambition is undoubtedly difficult, but with her strong determination she will get up again as a webtoon editor.

Today’s Webtoon production team said, “Everyone must have encountered at least once in their careers the story of giving up on judo, the transitional period where you didn’t know what kind of dream you should have, and the challenging way to find a new dream called “webtoon.” As such a process develops, you will observe Kim Se-Jeong actively acting in numerous ways and giving it her all, they added,” please look forward to watching it.

Meanwhile, Today’s Webtoon is a South Korean business-comedy drama series starring Kim Se-Jeong, Choi Daniel, and Nam Yoon-Su as the main leads. It is based on the Japanese manga series Jhan Shuttai! by Naoko Matsuda and the Japanese drama Sleeper Hit. Today’s webtoon revolves around On Ma-eum, a former judo athlete who struggles to fit into her new profession as a webcomic editor after retiring from judo because of an injury. It will air every Friday and Saturday at 22:00 pm (KST) on SBS (South Korean Television Channel) beginning on July 29, 2022.

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