Are Song Joong Ki and Kim Tae Ri Dating?

Actors Song Joong-ki and Kim Tae-Ri are rumored to be dating again. Recently, in the related community, as stories of Song Joong-ki and Kim Tae-Ri’s sightings in Paris spread, rumors of their dating have resurfaced.

It has been rumored that Song Joong-ki and Kim Tae-Ri are dating. Fans started spreading dating rumours about them when they appeared together in the Netflix film “Space Sweepers” and showed incredible chemistry at related events.

At the ‘Space Sweepers’ open chat event hosted on the outdoor stage of the Busan Cinema Center in October of last year, Song Joong-ki mentioned Kim Tae-Ri. Kim Tae-Ri couldn’t make it to the event.

When Song Joong-ki thought back to the filming location, he said, ‘Jin Seon-gyu-hyung praises him well, but Jin Seong-gyu-hyung is actually a person who acts as a bridge to being together as a person.’ However, Song Joong-ki immediately said, “I miss Kim Tae-Ri so much.” It would have been nice if he had had Kim Tae-Ri.

He laughed again and said, “I still want Kim Tae-Ri,” adding, “Actually, Jin Sung Kyu-hyung connects everything in the middle and he has that type of charisma, so there was actually synergy.”

Kim Tae-Ri also praised Song Joong-ki. In an interview related to ”Space Sweepers” in February last year, she said, “Song Joong-ki made people feel comfortable and taught them well, raising the atmosphere of the field.” She also felt that he was a “leading actor.” She said, “I called Song Joong-ki ‘sunbaenim’ and said respectful words to him, but in the middle, he said, ‘Can I talk to you?’ and stopped.”

The perfect breathing in the movie also led to the actual field of chemistry, and their extraordinary friendship drew attention. In this situation, there were even eyewitness accounts in Paris, and rumors of a love affair arose. In addition, the rumors surrounding Song Joong-ki and Kim Tae-Ri deepened as their “perfect breathing” was captured.

A procession to support their devotees continued in related communities. I really want you two to date. They both look warm and good’, ‘If it’s true, please marry’, ‘Let’s support and watch both actors as people who really want them to do well, etc.

Kim Tae-Ri and Song Joong-ki will both make a comeback on television. In the JTBC drama “The Youngest Son of a Conglomerate,” which will air on November 18, Song Joong-ki plays the lead character who yearns for vengeance, and Kim Tae-Ri is vying for viewers as Goo San-Yeong, a public worker, in the upcoming SBS drama “The Devil,” written by Kim Eun-hee.

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