Anna’s Suzy, Jung Eun-chae, Kim Jun-han & Park Ye-young’s Character Posters Released

A poster with four characters in four different colours for the Coupang Play series “Anna,” which is scheduled to be released for the first time on the 24th of June, attracts attention.

Four character posters have been released for the Coupang Play series “Anna” (directed by Lee Joo-young; Coupang Play production content map). The protagonist of “Anna” begins living a completely different life after telling a lie.

This time’s four-person, four-color character poster is meant to emphasise Yumi and Anna’s strong presence, as well as that of the three people who are surrounding Anna (Suzy), a woman with two names.

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Bae Suzy

The caption on the posters that reads “I always did, I do everything I set my mind to” will be able to safeguard the life that Anna has built up with lies to the very end. First, the figure of Anna played by Suzy, who is looking far away, as though revealing her desire for a high place, catches the eye.

It begs the question of whether Hyun-joo played by Jung Eun-chae, Anna’s former boss and the embodiment of a better life with plenty from birth, with her stern demeanour.

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Jung Eun Chae

Anna would experience and be easily derived from caption on the poster that reads, “if you live by stealing someone else’s life, you will have to pay the price.”

0004640761 003 20220620102206972
Kim. Jun Han

“Are you confident in your life again? “, a caption added to the image of the man loosing his tie in a tired-looking manner. Keep trying if something goes wrong. Ji-hoon played by Jung Eun Han depicts the fight he will have with Anna for his goal while not selecting any means or strategies.

0004640761 004 20220620102206982
Park Ye Young

The play is given a warm sensibility by Ji Ji-won played by Park Ye-young, a senior in the editorial division of the university school magazine who Anna trusts and depends on. After Jiwon, who has a strong will and conviction, has long dreamed of becoming a reporter, the caption, “I decided to tell the world about your story,” piques curiosity about what type of relationship he will create with “Anna.”

Meanwhile, Anna is scheduled to be released on June 24, 2022, on Coupang Play. It will have a total of 8 episodes which will release every Friday after its premier on June 24, 2022.

Source: OSEN , Image Courtesy: Coupang Play

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