Anna Kdrama Ending Explained: End of Suzy’s Double Life

The 5th and 6th episodes of Coupang Play’s original “ANNA,” which released on the 8th of July, featured Yumi (Suzy) as Anna, who revealed the whole truth and disappeared.

When Yumi learned that a woman in her 30s had been discovered dead at the Marais gallery, she was perplexed. Hyeon-ju, a lady in her 30s, committed suicide, although it was unclear why because she had threatened her by demanding 3 billion won from Anna in exchange for learning her identity.

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Anna Kdrama Ending, Ep 5 & 6

Yu-mi saw Ji-hoon han’s unviel his true self. He spoke disrespectfully to the Kim who had been fired, and against Yumi’s wishes, he took a leave of absence for his own political campaigns. In return, Yumi started to create her own weapons by prying into his business secrets via the Jihoon’s assistant Jo.

After that, Jihoon’s reputation began to suffer. He allegedly had a son with autism from a common-law connection with a woman. Additionally, allegations of the scripting of the real Anna’s college thesis appeared one after another. Yumi admitted to leaking some of this to the media.

Jihoon, however, quickly clarified the situation. At this point, Yumi understood Jihoon was aware the she was fake Anna. Ji-hoon was originally contacted by Hyeon-joo, who was being pursued by money. “Are you convinced that you can live as Lee Yu-mi again?” yelled Ji-hoon. Yumi was convinced that Ji-hoon was allegedly engaged in the murder of Hyeon-joo.

The child was Ji-hoon’s extramarital child and not his nephew, adding that his common-law wife Lim Su-yeon gave birth to the child in Jeju Island. Knowing that he had been bought off by his wives, Jihoon threatened to strangle Yumi and made arrangements for his admission to a mental institution.

Additionally, Yu-mi gave reporter Ji-won a USB drive holding material that would destroy Ji-hoon. The truth behind Hyun-suicide, joo’s the passing of his ex-wife Lim Su-yeon, the bribes Anna accepted, as well as details about manipulation of Jihoon’s company’s stock price, embezzlement, and tax fraud were all revealed.

When Jihoon turned watchful soon after becoming Seoul’s mayor, Yumi and Jiwon made the decision to blow themselves up. However, being honest was not simple. Even after learning that Yu-mi’s mother was in critical condition, Ji-hoon prevented meeting her after winning the election. Instead, he took Anna out of the country and took her passport under the pretext that he was going to pick up an unwed child in the United States. Jiwon tried to attend the prosecution but was stopped by the top line and had to spend more than 14 hours in jail.

In an effort to spread the word about “Lee Ji-hoon’s Gate,” Jiwon finally opened the exam room window and began a suicide uproar. Suzy hit the side brake and collided with Jihoon after seeing that he wasn’t using a seatbelt. Yumi exited her car and extracted her passport from Jihoon’s clothing.

Anna Korean Drama Ending

She was deep in thinking when she spotted Jiwon’s text that said, “I don’t think the prosecution will do it either.” She removed her scarf, attached it to her backpack, and set it on fire. Since then, reports in Korea have mentioned Jihoon’s passing and Anna’s disappearance. Choi Ji-hoon’s incense spot was deserted and devoid of sorrow when his gate was uncovered.

Later thereafter, Yumi showed up in Canada. Yumi’s neighbours recognised her as a Chinese immigrant from the US. In a snowy winter, Yumi lighting a fire in the house and throwing a burning handbag into the car overlapped and the drama ended.

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