Alchemy Of Souls Special Episodes To Broadcast on 13th & 14th Of August

The special broadcasts of Netflix and tvN’s Saturday and Sunday drama “Alchemy Of Souls” (directed by Park Jun-Hwa, written by Hong Jeong-Eun and Hong Mi-Ran) will air on August 13th and 14th in place of episodes 17 and 18.

It is difficult to foretell what sort of story will unfold in the coming episodes. To begin with, Alchemy of Souls will recollect the crucial moments that have maintained tension from the beginning to the present, such as the alchemy of souls and the ice stone that plunged the great nation into tribulation with the crucial moments from episodes 1 to 16.

Yoo Jun-sang (Park Jin), Oh Nara (Kim Do-Ju), Hwang Min-Hyun (Seo-yul) and Shin Seung-ho (Crown Prince), Yoo In-su (Park Dang-gu) and Arin (Jin Cho-Yeon), and others in “Alchemy of Souls,” will introduce themselves with notable dialogue, special scenes, and behind-the-scenes images. Jang Wook (Lee Jae Wook) and Moo Duk’s (Jung So Min) roles as “Pupil and Master,” “A vague remembrance of first love,” and the Crown Prince, among others. unmistakable chemistry conflicts, standout scenes, and actors’ picks for the greatest scenes. Only the essential components that you won’t want to miss out on are amply included.

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The production team stated, “Before the 17th broadcast, we will summarize the key points that should not be missed, and the story of the future will be revealed.” Is expected. Please look forward to the highlights and special broadcasts that will make the second half more exciting.”

This week, “Alchemy of Souls” is on hiatus for the completion of the remaining episodes. Instead, its special episodes will air today and tomorrow at 9:10 PM KST. Alchemy of Souls episode 17 will air on the 20th of August.

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