Alchemy of Souls Season 2 Episode 9 Recap

On the 9th episode of tvN’s Saturday and Sunday drama, ‘Alchemy of Souls Season 2‘, which aired on January 7, Jang-wook (Lee Jae-wook) kissed Nak-su (Go Yoon-jung) again.

In Alchemy of Souls Season 2 Ep 9, Jang-wook was shocked to see the blue traces in Jin Bu-yeon’s eyes and asked, “Who are you?” Recognizing the blue traces of soul shifter like falling water. Jin Bu-yeon said, “When her memories came back, I wasn’t Jin Bu-yeon.” Jang Wook covered Jin Bu-yeon’s eyes to Go Won (Shin Seung-ho) and said, “I’m the only one at this distance.”

The reason Jang-wook and Go Won were able to find Jin Bu-yeon was because her door was opened automatically. Nak-su thought that Jin Bu-yeon’s soul had called Jang-wook and Go Won to protect her body. Gowon pretended to send Jang-wook to the northern city in order to defeat all the Mildans made up of Jinmu (Cho Jae-yoon) and the soul shifters. Gowon cited Jinmu’s abandonment of his turtle as the reason for holding Jang-wook’s hand.

Before going out to defeat Jinmu and Mildan, Jang-wook noticed that Nak-su’s soul was in Jin Bu-yeon’s body, saying, “Is it the same trace, same memory, or the same person?” So I can’t pretend to know you. I’ll ask something else instead. Can I stay with you without getting out of here and doing nothing?”


Jin Bu-yeon said, “Is that so? Are the two of you together here? But the answer is that it is not right” and sent Jang Wook. Jang-wook eliminated Jinmu’s secret soul shifter , and sent Jinmu to Jin Bu-yeon. Jin Bu-yeon lured Jinmu with the empty ice stone of the dead Choi clan magician in her guido, and put the ice stone inside Jinmu’s body so that she would wither away from her guido. Then, the turtle found Jin Yo-won’s shield, and Jin Bu-yeon left the island.

Seo-yul (Hwang Min-hyeon) went to Jin Bu-yeon and informed him that Nak-soo’s act three years ago was because of Jin-mu’s ghostly Alchemy, Jojo, and informed Jang-wook that Nak-su’s spirit in Jin Bu-yeon’s body would soon disappear. However, Jin Bu-yeon and Jang-wook told Seo-yul separately and together, “It is better for each of us to suffer than to be together with the miserable excuse that we will die anyway.”

When the Manjanghoe heard that Jin Bu-yeon had put an empty ice stone inside Jin-mu’s body, they tried to discuss whether to remove the ice stone from Jang-wook’s body. Jin Bu-yeon said, “There is a new soul shifter that Jang-wook let go of last night. He didn’t catch it even after finding out that it was a alchemy of souls. Be sure to find it, check it out, and watch it die and disappear.”

Jang-wook said, “I will no longer pretend to be ignorant in order to do what I have to do. I will definitely find it, check it out, and watch it until it dies and disappears.” Poisonous teacher,” he said, and Jin Bu-yeon said, “Why am I your teacher? I already excommunicated you,” and embraced with tears.

Jang-wook and Nak-su kissed, and the queen (Shim So-young) wanted a soul shifter, so she and her nephew Seo Yoon-oh (Do Sang-woo) went to visit Jinmu, who was dying in Guido. Jinmu got shifted his soul to Seo Yoon-oh with her funeral incense hidden in the body of the queen and left Guido. Jinmu revealed his identity to King Gosun (Choi Gwangil), and Gosun held Jinmu’s hand again with some of the Manjanghoe.

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