Alchemy Of Souls Season 2 Episode 8 Recap & Summary

In the tvN Saturday and Sunday drama ‘Alchemy of Souls Season 2 Ep 8, which aired on the 1st of Jan, Jin Bu-yeon (Go Yoon-jung) and Jang Wook (Lee Jae-wook) said goodbye to each other.

On this day, Jang-wook and Jin Bu-yeon, who confirmed their feelings for each other, exchanged a kiss without hesitation. At that time, Jin Bu-yeon felt the ice stone in Jang-wook’s body, and she said, “The energy inside you just reached me,” she said. She continued, “It is a great energy. Can I really handle this and get it out?” she asked.

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Alchemy of Soul: Light and Shadow Ep 8

In response, Jang Wook said, “Ice stones? You always wanted to stop, but you don’t want to stop now? Even so, I would never do it,” she replied. At this, Jang-wook said, “I’m sorry. And thank you,” he hugged. Then, the two talked to try to rectify the situation. Then, Jang-wook was embarrassed when he remembered the sharp conversation he had with Jin Ho-gyeong (Park Eun-hye). In response, Jin Bu-yeon said, “It must be difficult for you to deal with it. As promised, I’m going to go back like this. I’ll go back and reassure you, then I’ll talk about it,” she said.

The two then walked hand in hand and talked about their first meeting, and Jin Bu-yeon said, “I recognized it at first sight. My West,” she smiled. She added, “I recognized it at first sight.” Recalling Jang Wook’s voice, ‘My Master,’ Jin Bu-yeon said, “You were like that too.” In response, Jang-wook said, “The blue light in your eyes bloomed like a flower,” and Jin Bu-yeon said, “It’s okay if you didn’t recognize me at first sight. I was the first to find out this time,” she replied.

On the other hand, Jin Bu-yeon said that she helped with the situation with Jang-wook earlier, and she thanked Seo-yul (Hwang Min-hyun). He said, “I know you heard the story, but before that, I couldn’t squeeze into Jang-wook’s side. But now he can be around.” However, Seo-yul warned, “If two people are together, they will only cause pain to each other.”

Seoyul said, “I had a dream. I think it’s because I woke up from a very difficult dream. It was a dream that disappeared along with the person I had cherished for a very long time. When I wake up from the dream, I remain here and only that person disappears alone. I am angry and depressed, and most of all, I feel so painful and sad because he is in pain and so pitiful.”

At this time, Jin Bu-yeon, who recalled her affair with Seo-yul, asked if she had ever met at Dan-hyang-gok, and Seo-yul said, “If you go to Dan-hyang-gok, you will be able to know who she is. In response, Jin Bu-yeon said, “I don’t like it. I don’t want to know and know if I can’t be around Jang-wook,” she refused. Heo Yoon-ok (Hong Seo-hee), who was secretly listening to their conversation, made a meaningful expression.

Afterwards, Heo Yoon-ok called Jin Bu-yeon to the grave. Then, “You said you had no memory of who you were, right? Aren’t you curious I’m curious too. So I’m going to check it out.” However, there were no marks on her Jinbu-yeon shoulder. Embarrassed by this, Jin Bu-yeon, who shook off Heo Yoon-ok’s touch, her drug went into her eyes, revealing the marks soul shifting.

At this time, Seo-yul appeared and stopped her from Heo Yoon-ok, and Jin Bu-yeon left to wash the drug away from her. Then, Jin Bu-yeon couldn’t hide her surprise when she saw her pupils reflected in water. A blue light flashed in her eyes, and the memory of falling water came to her and she said, “Is it me?” she was confused.

In the end, Jin Bu-yeon went to the big tree of Danhyang-gok to check. At that moment, Jin-bu recalled all the memories of Jang-wook and Moo-deok (Jung So-min) in the past, from her memory of Nak-soo. At the same time, Jin Boo-yeon said, ‘Everything was my memory. I was the owner of this blue jade, and I was his teacher. It’s a falling water,’ she muttered.

Then, in front of her eyes, the real Jin Bu-yeon, the owner of her body, appeared. Jin Bu-yeon said, “You finally realized who you are. That’s sad. If I had realized when all my divine powers returned, I would have been able to leave without sadness. Thanks to you, I became a perfect body that didn’t run out of control, and my strength was almost restored. You, who are not the owners of the body, must leave soon,” she announced.

Jin Bu-yeon, who continued to search for memories, faced Jang-wook. She said, “I found my memory. now you can’t wait I found a very important memory.” Next, she said, Jin Boo-yeon said, “There was a person I liked very much in the memories I found. I hurt him so much that I can’t talk to him or go beside him. I’m so sorry I can’t be by your side. I’ll go to Agent Jin,” she said goodbye. She added, “Actually, I liked it more, but I never really got it right. Jangwook You turn on the lights now. Keep your senses straight and just say you’ll leave me as you promised. I’m sorry,” she cried.

On the other hand, Jang-wook, who was leaving for North Korea, secretly visited Jin Bu-yeon, who had entered Jinyowon. Jang-wook, angry at Jin Bu-yeon, who said good-bye to him, said, “Goodbye? I’m usually the kind of person who would hang up and turn around when I’m like this, but I’m so stumped that I came here to pick something up. I forgot and came up with it, so I can be more sorry. Then why did I like it at first sight? I want to ask if they look alike, but it doesn’t seem polite to ask even that.”

Jin Bu-yeon tried to deal with the situation, and Jang-wook said, “I can’t do that! The reason I caught you wasn’t because something was broken or because I was out of my mind. It was just that I liked it so much that you couldn’t come to your senses.” He continued, “He held my hand that I thought I wouldn’t be able to hold again, and put me to bed when I couldn’t fall asleep. So i can’t stop anymore So, I’ll turn into a bonfire on a summer day with nothing to regret. I’ll wait this time until I’m a little regretful later. I’ll be back sooner than I thought. I’m doing well.” He turned around. So Jang-wook left for Bukseong.

On the other hand, when Jin Bu-yeon heard the news of Jin Mu (Cho Jae-yoon) and Jin Ho-gyeong’s quarrel, she took Jin Yo-won’s shield and headed for Cheonbu-gwan. She said, ‘The one who made me a murderer, used and killed me. Meet him now,’ she said. In the meantime, Gowon (Shin Seung-ho) helped Jinmu with the power, and Jinmu pressured Jinho-gyeong, saying, “My sister’s weakened spiritual power, which is not like before, is the reason for taking the shield.”

Arriving at Cheonbu-gwan, Jin Bu-yeon found a turtle and met Jin-mu together. When asked for a shield, Jin Bu-yeon said, “Why do you ask me to leave it behind? It’s the most important item in Jin’s family.” Despite this, Jin Bu-yeon said, “I will prove it to Jin-mu, who does not back down. Wouldn’t it be fine if I, the successor, prove that I have the ability to protect it?” When asked if she had lost her divine power, she said, “The divine power and memory are returning. What can I show you?” she asked.

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Alchemy of Souls S2 Ep 8

Jinmu stood in front of the ghost prison made of Ajinseolran, which once entered, could not come out again. At the same time, he offered to put the shield of Agent Jin in it, and he would admit it if he returned to find it in a day, and Jin Bu-yeon agreed. Ho-gyeong Jin, who stopped herself, said, “Believe in your daughter’s divine power. She will definitely find it and come back.”

Then she entered Guido with the turtle. Jin Bu-yeon, who moved to the path guided by the turtle into the foggy forest, encountered the ghost. At the moment of crisis, Jang-wook appeared and saved Jin Bu-yeon, and Jin Bu-yeon, surprised, said, “Jang-wook? How are you here?” she asked. In response, Jang-wook said, “What are you more than that. that in your eyes Who are you?

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