Alchemy of Souls Season 2 Ending Explained

Alchemy of Souls Season 2‘ (Alchemy of Souls: Light and Shadow) had a happy ending with Lee Jae-wook and Go Yoon-jung. In the final episode of tvN’s Saturday and Sunday drama ‘Alchemy of Souls: Light and Shadow’, which aired on the 8th, Jang-wook (Lee Jae-wook) and The appearance of Jin Bu-yeon (Go Yoon-jung) was drawn.

In Alchemy of Souls 2 Ep 10, Master Lee said, “In the past, I only watched your relationship as a master and servant, teacher and disciple, but it is said that it is a relationship that is caught and caught, but I can not bear to see that, so I am trying to put an end to the relationship between the two. Will you follow me no matter what?” he asked. In response, the two held hands and said they would follow, and Lee said, “Have a wedding ceremony for the two of you. I will be the witness, so officially become a couple.”

Lee continued, “Wedding is a ceremony to be recognized as a married couple among people, but it is also a ceremony to tell the sky. It is to report that the two have decided to be together, and that they cannot be separated. Jang-wook and Jang-wook from the Jang family come to think of it, were born, lived as Joyeong, grew up as Salsu Naksu, lived as Moo-deok, and are now Jin Bu-yeon. What do you want me to call you?” he asked. In response, Jin Bu-yeon said, “I couldn’t live properly as one Illumi. The name my parents gave me when I was born, I would like Joyoung.”

So, Jang-wook and Jo-yeong stood facing each other in front of Mr. Lee. Lee said to the two, “Wook and Young. Your name is light, and your name is shadow. Maybe you guys were meant to be from the beginning.” Then, Jang-wook and Jo-young shared a drink of haphwanju. “The two of them are a couple. I told heaven to hold a wedding, so please stay together for a long time.”

Later, Jang-wook chased the energy of the red jade and found Jin Bu-yeon, who was alone in the valley. Jang-wook, who entered the barrier, faced the era of great tribulation, and at that time, young Jin Bu-yeon appeared and announced that the flowers and birds would dry the world. She continued, “I saw this a long time ago. I remained afraid that the world would be destroyed again, but rather, I called the flowers and birds and ignited the work of burning the world. I can’t stop this It couldn’t exist in this world, but only those who came to exist can stop it. I’ve been hiding in the shadows created by your light. Now I will reap my shadow and come out to the world.”

Then Jang-wook asked, “Then are you Jin Bu-yeon?” This is the name I got when I came back to the world. Jin Bu-yeon has attracted your shadow, used it, and will make it disappear. The world I saw in advance will definitely come. Then very sad things will happen. The only one who can stop the fire and tide is you, Jang-wook. Jin Bu-yeon should come out to the world and do what you have to do together.”

At that time, Jinmu, who took over the body of Seo Yoon, took control of the king and the meeting. Then, he found Gowon, who had betrayed him, and deprived him of his crown prince status and imprisoned him. He then headed to Jinyowon to take out the flowers and birds with Manjanghoe. Jin Ho-gyeong (Park Eun-hye) was furious at the meeting asking Jin to open the door. Then Jinmu appeared and said, “Your younger brother got his soul shifted. Please open that door before draining all the energy of the Jin family, who were so proud of it,” he threatened.

In the end, Jin Cho-yeon opened Agent Jin’s door to save Jin Ho-gyeong. Kim Do-joo, who secretly watched the situation, tried to ask Song-lim for help. Jinmu and Manjanghoe, holding flowers and birds eggs, escaped from the crumbling Jin Yowon. Jin Ho-gyeong asked Do-joo Kim to help save the yogis from escaping inside the Jin-Yo-Won, and the two entered the Jin-Yo-Won.

However, power alone was useless when her energy was exhausted, and she had to close the door to Agent Jin. Park Jin suffered from the fact that Kim Do-joo was inside. He said, “I can’t close the door. I have my wife”, but Kim Do-joo said, “Close the door. I understand everything. Commander, I’m fine.” At the voice of Kim Do-joo shouting to close the door, Jin Park closed the door to Agent Jin and sobbed.

Then Jinmu appeared and said, “Do not despair. There is still a chance to save it. I give you the strength to save your precious one.” Park Jin, who followed Jinmu like that, found out that the king and the Manjanghoe agreed at Cheonbugwan. Also, Park Jin was furious that he was trying to destroy the world for the purpose of obtaining the ice stone. In response, Jinmu said, “If you set your mind on trivial things, you cannot do what you really want. You have to save Kim Do-joo. There is no hypocrisy pretending not to be,” he laughed.

Then Park Jin said, “Evil goes its own way without hesitation, so why does the good have to constantly prove itself? yes i want to save I want to do that no matter what I do. Even so, I’ll stop you guys from doing it. You do not have the right to laugh at that heart as hypocrisy,” he burst into anger. Then, when Park Jin subdued the sorcerers, Jinmu broke the barrier of Hwajo. In response, Park Jin held out by blocking Hwajo with his own handwriting, and Jinmu stabbed Park Jin in the back and killed him.

Later, when Jang Wook was told that Jin Ho-gyeong, Park Jin, and Kim Do-joo had died, he said, “The three did not die. The predicted disaster created by human greed can change the outcome as the will of humans who set out to prevent it becomes a variable.” Fortunately, the three were alive, and Lee said that they were saved thanks to Jin Bu-yeon. He told Ho-kyung Jin, “While the child prevented Agent Jin from collapsing, she went to the place where the flower bird was as the child told her to. He couldn’t find Hwajo, but luckily he was able to rescue Jin Park.”

Previously, Joyoung recalled the last remaining memory. She took Jang-wook’s hand, saying, “Eum-yang-ok is shared to be with each other, but I don’t think we can share this.” Joyoung then added, “I guess we were destined not to recognize each other at first sight.” At that, Jang-wook said, “It is not because of fate that we recognized at first sight. We were the light that appeared in each other’s lives at the moment when we were most desperate for each other, and we chose each other without even the shadows that followed.” Then, Joyoung said, “At the end of us, there is only one reply I can give to you. I love you,” she confessed and lost her mind at the same time. In response, Jang-wook was saddened by the fact that Jo-yeong disappeared.

Meanwhile, Jang-wook appears in front of Jinmu and Manjang-hoe, who are trying to wake up the flower group, and causes the flower group to run out of control. At the same time, he trapped Jinmu and his gang with firearms of the Hwajo, and they burned to death. In response, Jinmu said, “Jang-wook is right. A world where the strong have everything. The weak just die,” he said with a smile. That’s how Jinmu died.

On the other hand, Jin Bu-yeon sent the flower and bird there by launching the emperor star board at Suseongdae. When the flowers and birds flew in from Gyeongcheondaeho approached, Jang-wook grabbed the flowers and birds with handwriting and drew an arrow. At that moment, Jin Bu-yeon’s divine power was added and he succeeded in getting rid of the flowers and birds. When the flowers and birds disappeared, Jin Bu-yeon collapsed on the spot, and Jin Bu-yeon’s soul and Jo-young’s soul faced each other. The young Jin Bu-yeon said, “The light that saved the world. It is a shadow that returns to you. The light that embraces the shadow will never go into darkness.”

A year later, Park Jin and Kim Do-joo enjoyed their newlyweds after getting married. Park Dang-gu married Jin Cho-yeon and handed over Jeongjingak to Seo-yul, who took his place as a strict teacher. Gowon became the king of Daehoguk, and Jin Hogyeong accepted the fall water that took over Jin Buyeon’s body. In particular, Jang-wook and Jin Bu-yeon lived as a couple and played an active part in catching yogis who escaped from Jin Yo-won.

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