Alchemy Of Souls Season 1 Put Fans In Awe At The Shocking Ending & Go Yoon Jung’s Appearance In Season 2

As the first season of the Saturday-Sunday tvN and Netflix drama “Alchemy of Souls” came to a conclusion, actress Go Yoon-jung made an appearance at the end of the teaser for part 2, confirming the accuracy of the reports that the female lead had been changed.

However, how could the female protagonist return to her already burned body given the sudden development of her runaway, the death of the male protagonist, and the rebirth as a result of the ice stone in the 30th minute of the second half of the last episode?

At the conclusion, which supports the dubious unpleasant explanation. The responsibility placed on Go Yoon-jung to place a spoon on the meal prepared by Jung So-min is also growing.

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The shocking ending of “Alchemy of Souls” Part 1’s final episode on the 28th. Moo Deok-yi (Jung So-min) and Jang-wook (Lee Jae-wook) planned to get married in the first half of the last episode signalled the beginning of a full-fledged pink romance.

But in the end, Jinmu, who confirmed the existence of Naksu’s soul in Mudeok’s body after bringing out the cursed strategy that Dangol-nee Choi had hidden in Chuhonhyang as a final, top-secret measure, and revealed her to everyone.

Due to Jang-wook’s knowing of Naksu and hiding her, his body was burned without a funeral, making him look like an offender, and he was then revived using the power of ice stones and blue flames. At the same time, Go Yun-jeong, rather than Jung So-min, appeared as falling water in the trailer’s primary character, which had a different feel.

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With this, it has been confirmed that the rumours, which surfaced last month, regarding the change of the female lead in “Alchemy of Souls,” are true. However, from the perspective of the audience, they were rooting for Lee Jae-wook and Jung So-min’s romance and then suddenly shifted into another woman, so voices of dissatisfaction were inevitable. It was difficult to confirm because it could be a spoiler. There were numerous comments that argued against replacing it as well.

In particular, Yeo-ju being helplessly struck by a drop is a pointless conclusion that reduces the likelihood that has been established thus far in order to create a scenario in which Moo-deok-i falls into falling water. The forced development for season 2 and replacement of the female lead upset viewers as well.

The weight that Go Yoon-jung, the lead character for season 2, carrying is more. It’s because she needs to take over for Jung So-min, who was a huge hit with Lee Jae-wook and Hwang Min-hyun while directing the play’s centre until 20th episode, which included both an exciting romance and authentic dialect acting. It is unknown if Jung So-min will arrive in Part 2, but if the Gi Yun-jeong falls short of high expectations, it is obvious that this will swiftly turn to harsh criticism.

Will Go Yoon-jung play a role of putting a spoon on the meal prepared by Jung So-minn in Season 2, which will air in December? Will she be able to captivate viewers with her enigmatic and alluring appearance as seen in Season 1 Episode 1? ‘ It is curious to see if season 2 will maintain level of popularity as season 1.

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