Alchemy Of Souls Episode 9 Recap: Jang Wook and Mudeok Separated

In Alchemy of Souls Ep 9, Jang Wook (Lee Jae Wook) officially became the mage of Songrim by taking a pledge and abiding by the rules of Songrim. All the mages of Songrim celebrated Jang Wook’s admission to the Songrim, and even the crown prince visited the party to offer Jang Wook a drink to congratulate him on defeating him. He even told Jang Wook he was proud to have him as a mage of Daeho. Jang Wook also poured him a drink, saying, “Please become a great leader.” At that time, Mudeok (Jung So Min) starts repeating, “Please become a great leader,” and clapping to calm the crown prince. 

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Alchemy of Souls Kdrama Episode 9

The crown was expecting to meet Mudeok outside the party hall, and he started to count, and suddenly Mudeok arrived there as expected by the crown prince. He told Mudeok that he showed generosity to Jang Wook because of her. She said she understood that he might wish to poison Jang Wook, and she started saying what the crown prince wanted to hear to please him. The crown told Mudeok that he hates Jung Wook and her too because she was always by her master’s side, but deep down we all know he has a very soft corner for her. 

Jang Wook was highly drunk because he drank all the drinks offered to him by the crown prince. He was taken to Songrim by its servants, and Mudeok was told that only Songrim members could enter Songrim. Since she is not one of them, she was not allowed to enter. Mudeok begged to go inside but was refused. She was told that her young master couldn’t go outside until he finished his basic training. 

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Alchemy of Souls Ep 9

It was raining outside, but Mudeok was still waiting outside to have her taken inside Songrim, but no one came. Suddenly, Yulseo appeared there with an umbrella and asked her to let him take her home, but she refused to go with him and asked him to tell his master that she would no matter what come to be by his side and left.  

Heo’s granddaughter, whom Jang Wook had saved from the soul shifter, looked after Jang Wook, who was taken to Heo’s infirmary. After seeing Jang Wook, she was pleased and stayed the whole night with him to take care of him.

When Jang Wook woke up the next morning, he searched for Mudeok but couldn’t find her, so he asked about her, and he was told that he could not take his personal servant here and could only be served by Songrim servants. He went to meet the Songrim leader to make an exception to take Mudeok by his side, but he refused. Jang Wook also thought that it would be good for her to stay away from Songrim’s eyes as they could find her true identity. 

At the end of Alchemy of Souls Ep 9, Mudeok outside Songrim was worried about Jang Wook and started to look for ways to enter Songrim. At this time, Joo-wol handed out an official letter from the Song-rim Servant Selection Contest to Moo-deok but Mudeok denied saying it was a servants contest and she was not an ordinary servant.

After arriving Mudeok asked Maidservant Kim about Jang Wook and what he told Maidservant Kim to tell her. Maidservant Kim told Mudeok that Jung Wook wanted her to see beautiful flowers and eat delicious food. After listening this, Mudeok thought Jang Wook no longer need her. But when Maidservant Kim asked, “Does Jung Wook have feelings for Young lady from Songrim,” he once mentioned that he liked someone who is like a bird’s egg to him. Mudeok understood it was her he was talking about and decided to appear for Songrim’s Servant Contest.

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