Alchemy of Souls Episode 7 Recap: Is Mu-Deok Jin Cho-Yeon’s Elder Sister

In Alchemy of Souls Ep 7, Seo-yul (Hwang Min-hyun) and Crown Prince Go Won (Shin Seung-ho) were thinking about Moo-duk at the time when she was trapped in the mirror of Jin-won and Moo Deok-i (Jung So-min) unexpectedly appeared in front of them. The mirror of Jin-won, in which Moo-deok is trapped, reveals the spirit of the person he misses through a different mirror, but it is Mu-deok-i’s illusion, not her real self.

Alchemy of Souls E 7 Explained

With Seo-yul and the Crown Prince, Jang-wook entered the Jinwon Cave, which contained enchanted treasures, after noticing a strange aura. He discovered a mirror with Mu-deok-i trapped inside of it there. They wanted to take the mirror outside Jin-won, but Jin Ho-kyung refused, so Jang-wook searched for a way to smash the mirror.

The mirror also presented Jang-wook with a deal, saying, “The image he wants to see the most will be created and displayed. Give me your energy and you would be what you want to be.” Jang-wook, however, displayed cunning by covering the mirror with a black cloth and remarking that “If it doesn’t reflect anything, the mirror is of no use.” The illusion in the mirror vanished as a result.


In front of a mirror, Jang-wook and Moo-duk come face to face. Moo-duk, who was trapped in the mirror, heard Jang-wook say, “I’ve been thinking how I can continue to have you by my side. I wish I could see you. With a shared longing to see one another, the two placed their hands on the mirror. The mirror started to break at that same time. Therefore, Jang-wook saved Moo-duk. By being sincere, Jang-wook and Moo-deok ultimately managed to smash Jin Yo-won’s illusionary mirror.

The Jinwon Cave, which can only be opened by people who have received blood from the Jin family, was where Moo-deok most shockingly caught Jin Ho-gyeong and Jin Cho-Yeon off guard. As a result, Jin Choyeon accepted her mistakes. But, viewers are now more curious about Mudeok being Jin’s family’s lost daughter and Jin Ch-yeon’s elder sister as Mudeok was able to open Jinwon’s gate which could only be opened by Jin’s family members.

Seo-Yul realized that Moo-Duk-I was Nak-Soo. Previously, Seo-yul sought out the memory of his first love through Mu-deok-i, when an illusion in the form of Moo-deok appeared to Seo-yul, “You kept remembering me, so I came here. In the symphony, I was the one you were missing,” and asa result he realized she was Naksu.

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On the other hand, Gil-joo used his s bait to threaten Moo-duk after telling her that he knows her secret. Now, she must bring Jang-wook to Gil-joo in order to save her life. But what truly touched Mudeok’s heart was Jang-UK’s sincerity. Giving Moo-deok-i a handcrafted yin and yang jade bird egg ornament, Jang-wook explained, “It is a token of maintaining loyalty and morals” which moved her heart completely. After realizing UK’s loyalty and affection, she reflected on herself and decided to leave Jangwook after telling him the truth.

At the end of Alchemy of Souls Ep 7, Jang-wook jumped in front of Moo-duk, who was facing Gil-joo alone. Jang wook then had a one-on-one match with Gil-joo. Gil-joo was dealt a lethal blow by Jang-wook, who even removed the bondage chain, using his Taksu (water droplets) skills, Mudeok taught him. But, eventually, Gilpoo cast his spell of Alchemy of Souls on Jang Wook. Now viewers’ are curious whether Gilpoo could steal Jangwook’s body by shifting his soul to him.

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