Alchemy of Souls Episode 6 Recap & Summary

Alchemy of Souls Ep 6 starts with Mudeok and Yul talking to each other. Yul and Naksu’s backstory was also revealed. Mudeok also taught Yul cooking. Seeing Mudeok teaching Yul made UK jealous, and he asked her not to treat another pupil as her young master. He would only be her young master, and Mudeok agreed on it. 

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Alchemy of Souls Kdrama Episode 6

When Yul and Dong-goo were leaving the place where Mudeok and UK were staying, Dong-goo took UK’s father’s sword, but later, after realising that he was being a coward, Uk took back the sword and decided to train again. Mudeok also prepared something to train him, and he started his training as Mudeok directed. It was then that Master Lee arrived and warned UK that the training he was undergoing could cost him his life. UK asked Mudeok about this, and she agreed that he could die if he continued his training, but she also assured him that his energy would keep him safe.

UK told Mudeok nothing. Instead, he asked why she didn’t dodge when he was about to stab her. Mudeok replied that she wanted him to control his energy. UK told her to stay away from him in such situations as he was worried about her. 

After reaching the palace, Yul and Dong Goo heard about UK and Jin’s marriage, and it was when Master Lee mentioned UK and Jin’s marriage to Mudeok and UK that they got to know about his marriage. UK told Mudeok that it was Maidservant Kim’s plan to save him from fighting with the Crown Prince. Mudeok agreed on this and told him that she would not serve him after he got married.

Mudeok and UK left the valley and went to the village. Mudeok asked UK if she would leave alone if he would not pick her up. Mudeok went to meet someone but was summoned by the crown prince’s men, who mistook her for someone else. The crown prince’s maid dressed her in hanbok, which amazed the crown prince, and he scolded the maid. 

Later, after leaving the crown prince’s palace, Mudeok encountered Yul, and he asked why she was dressed like that. She told him that it was a long story. Yul also mentioned that he knew it was her who stole UK’s spirit plague. She admitted that and told him that she did it for money to buy beautiful dresses and good food.

Meanwhile, Jin was preparing for her marriage with Uk. Jin asked Mudeok to call her Lady Jin after she got married to her Young Master Uk. She also asked Mudeok to hold her box containing a precious stone, which Mudeok sensed was broken and Jin would blame her for breaking it. When Mudeok left the place, she encountered her former acquaintances and soldiers, so she agreed to serve Jin and took the box and followed her to her place.

UK who didn’t want to marry, asked Maidservant Kim to call off the wedding. When the maidservant asked him if he liked someone else, he said, “She has nowhere else to go; she has only him.” At the time, UK was called by the Jin family. When he reached there, he saw the Crown Prince sitting there, and the head of the Jin family told him that his Mudeok stole the Jin family’s precious stone and fled.

At the end of Alchemy of Souls Ep 6, it was revealed that Mudeok didn’t run but was disappeared in a magical mirror.

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  1. I was wondering since Mom’s Jin mentioned her eldest daughter in the episode 3 and till now. Is Naksu the unnie of Jin? I can’t even sleep thinking what will happen next that how come the black mirror pulled her in. I can’t wait any longer to know the whole story about Naksu 😌


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