Alchemy Of Souls Episode 23 Recap & Summary

In Alchemy of Souls Season 2 Ep 3, Go Yoon-jung found her lost memories. In the tvN Saturday and Sunday drama ‘Alchemy of Soul: Light and Shadow’, which was broadcast on the 17th, Jin Bu-yeon (Ko Yoon-jeong) escaped the crisis. She was portrayed as lying about being pregnant.

On this day, Jang-wook (Lee Jae-wook) said at the meeting, “We are already married. Please congratulate me,” he proclaimed. In response, Jin Ho-kyung said, “This is nonsense. “Do you know how much my daughter loves me? No way. She said, “Let’s get back with me.” Then he said, “Buyeon-ah, you can tell me. isn’t it? There is no way my good daughter cheated on this mother and she married someone like that.”

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Alchemy of Souls Season 2 Ep 3

Jinmu said, “Bring someone to prove the marriage between the two of you. If there are any witnesses to prove this marriage, I will congratulate them and send them away.” Jang-wook replied, “If my strength is just cause, can I argue and break it?” At that time, Jin Bu-yeon said, “I can prove it,” drawing everyone’s attention. At the same time, Jin Bu-yeon lied about being pregnant by pointing to her stomach, saying, “There is also a witness here.” Then she said, “If this is the most reliable witness of marriage,” she said, embarrassing everyone, including Jang-wook.

After returning to Jang-wook’s house, Jin Bu-yeon looked at Jin Yo-won’s extinguished lantern and laughed, saying, “I wonder if Jang-wook lied because he wanted to turn it off and bring me back.” She then tried to light a lantern but failed. Then, Jin Bu-yeon looked at Jang-wook’s knife and said, “It’s pretty,” and she grabbed it. At that moment, memories of her past came to mind and Agent Jin succeeded in turning on the lantern together.

Jang-wook, who witnessed this scene, could not hide his surprise. In response, Jin Bu-yeon said, “It seems to be true that her divine powers are restored as her memories return,” she said. Jang Wook was delighted when he saw signs of Jin Bu-yeon’s divine power recovering. Jin Bu-yeon said, “I honestly expected it. She confessed her sincerity at the general meeting, saying, “It was you who did it, and even though I was useless, you brought me.”

However, Jang-wook said, “Even if I turned off the light, you would know it wasn’t for the reason you expect. If you want, I can collect witnesses to take you to Sejukwon within three or seven days. If there are no expectations that do not work,” he drew a line. At that, Jin Bu-yeon kissed Jang-wook and said, “Our witnesses say it was made like this. Still, it’s a part, but you can’t make it alone. Don’t feel bad for helping me out,” she said as she tried to leave her seat.

The moment Jang-wook grabbed Jin Bu-yeon, he and Jin Bu-yeon sat down on the spot. Jin Bu-yeon said, “At that time, I sewed the cut off Chu-seop thread here. She’s sick because the threads are tight and I guess my mother is calling me to come back,” she explained. Eventually, Jang-wook entered Agent Jin and saved Jin Bu-yeon by getting rid of her Chu-seop-sa.

Also, Jang-wook comforted Jin Bu-yeon, who was worried about him, saying, “She will achieve what she wants with him.” He continued, “Now you will be free. I will be too,” he said. In response, Kim Do-joo said, “If you see that you are getting away from your previous job, can you look at it that way?” Get rid of the red bird eggs that were incubated in the leg that had been stabbed with the knife, as well. Why are you holding the yin and yang jade you shared with the dead child?” she wept.

At the same time, Kim Do-joo worried, saying, “I’m so afraid that the dead child will call the young master and take him away.” In response, Jang-wook said, “The reason I have this is to confirm that she is dead. I still believe it when I see it with my own eyes. Because I did not see the death in person.”

On the other hand, Jin Bu-yeon, who visited the tomb of Hwan-myeon in search of Jang-wook, complained of headache and recalled another memory. At that moment, when the blue stone of the yin and yang jade contained in the stone tomb appeared, she said, “This is not an ordinary stone,” and she saw this in her recalled memory earlier.

On the other hand, Jang-wook ran at a step when the red stone of Yin-Yang-ok shone. But Jin Bu-yeon was there, and he said, “I called you, but I wasn’t the one you came for, right?” In response, Jang-wook was angry, saying, “I came running without knowing that, but how are you going to fix this?” At that, Jin Boo-yeon said, “I remembered another memory. We liked each other for a very long time,” she said.

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