Alchemy of Souls Episode 22 Recap & Summary

In Alchemy of Souls Season 2 Ep 2 or Alchemy of Souls Ep 22, Jang Wook (Lee Jae-wook) revealed the fact that he and Naksu (Go Yoon-jung) were married, in the meeting.

In tvN’s new Saturday and Sunday drama ‘Alchemy of Souls: Light and Shadow Ep 2’, Jang-wook saved Jin Bu-yeon from her arranged marriage, and he asked, “Is it true that she was locked up because she was sick?” Jin Bu-yeon said, “It is true that it hurt. My mother came to fix me when I was very sick and dying. 

To be honest, I don’t know either. It was after I got a lot better when I came to my senses.” In response, Jang-wook asked again, “How do you not know?” Jin Bu-yeon said, “I don’t remember before I joined Yo-won Jin. I was sick and lost all my memories. She was blind as a child and has been seen sick since then. My mother hid me because I was not perfect.”

Then, Jang-wook remembered falling water and looked into Jin Bu-yeon’s eyes. He then checked the blue marks of the soul shifter in her eyes and said, “Isn’t it there?” In response, Jin Bu-yeon said, “If it was a soul shifter, you would have caught and killed that person too,” and she asked, “Why didn’t you catch it?” Jang Wook said, “He died,” and reacted sensitively to Jin Bu-yeon, who kept asking, “Are there a lot of useless questions?”Jin Bu-yeon, furious at this, said, “But why did you come to pick me up? What is my usefulness that you need?” she asked.

Jang Wook said, “You said you could see the energy inside my body, right? This is an ice stone. A long time ago, Buyeon Jin said that she found an ice stone in Gyeongcheondaeho and took it out. You don’t have to have memories. As long as you have that great divine power, that is your use.”

Arriving at Jang-wook’s house, Jin Bu-yeon suggested to Jang-wook that they drink harpwanju together. In response, Jang-wook handed Jin Yo-won the gift he received and told her to turn it off with divine power. In the end, Jin Bu-yeon said, “It seems that my divine power disappeared as I lost my memory. I can’t do anything except see with my eyes.” In response, Jang-wook said, “If that’s the case, you’re of no use to me. When the day is bright, let’s go home. Say you’re lost.”

Then Jin Bu-yeon showed the tracking thread hanging from her arm and said, “People from Agent Jin will come and know that you were the one who took me. Then we will talk about becoming a couple overnight,” she threatened. And she said, “I don’t want to go back. I like you here too,” she said. However, Jang-wook cut the thread with his own hand and resolutely told her to leave.

On the other hand, Ho-gyeong Jin met Mr. Lee told that Jin Bu-yeon had disappeared. Teacher Lee said, “Did you try to marry the child after locking it up for only blood? She said that if she gave birth to a child, what would she do with that child that contained the spirit of Falling Water. Did she try to get rid of her again?” he asked. It turns out that Jinho-gyeong is that Moo-deok, who rescued her from the Gyeongcheondae Lake three years ago, begged her body to be saved. In response, Mr. Lee said, “Have you forgotten all the promises you made to me?”

Three years ago, Mr. Lee said, “It wasn’t that Nak-su’s soul took over her body, but that Jin Bu-yeon’s body had imprisoned Nak-su’s soul.” Jin Ho-gyeong said, “He called me mother. Boo-yeon’s soul remains in her body,” she said. Then, Mr. Lee said, “You choose. The only way to save this body is to use the energy of the falling water inside the body. She must get rid of the spirit of Jin Bu-yeon and she must leave the spirit of Nak-su,” he explained.

In the end, Jin Ho-kyung decided to choose Nak-su’s soul and save it, and Lee changed her appearance to Nak-su’s in the process of reviving so that her soul could fuse with her body stably. At the same time, Mr. Lee said, “In exchange for her new body, her old memories were also erased. She has lost her spirit, but she has lost both her energy and her memories”.

However, Jin Ho-gyeong said, “It was falling water that was affectionate. She will let that child live only as a child. she’ll never find out Anyway, Jang-wook doesn’t know the real face of the woman he was so fond of. Even if the two meet, they will never recognize each other. It’s the price I pay for the pain I have to live with seeing that child’s face.”

On the other hand, while Jin Bu-yeon was leaving Jang-wook’s house, she felt the energy of Su-salgwi and returned to Jang-wook’s house. Su Salgwi, who was hiding in the bathtub, pulled Jin Bu-Yeon into water and tried to get away with it. Then, Jang-wook, who gave poisoned wine to Jin Bu-yeon, who collapsed and fell asleep, recalled the mention of Haphwanju earlier and muttered, “It’s useless, but it’s becoming a nuisance.”

Later, Jin Bu-yeon was captured by Jin Agent-Won again, and Jin Ho-Kyung counted the tracking thread on her body and announced in front of the Manjang-hoe that she was the next Jin Agent-Won successor. At that time, Jang-wook found that Jin Yo-won’s lantern was off and had doubts. Then he went straight to the manjanghoe where Jinbuyeon was located and appeared with the lantern. He said, “I had something to check, so it was turned off.”

At the end of Alchemy of Souls Season 2 Ep 2, while hesitating, Jang-wook turned around, and Jin Bu-yeon said, “Wait a minute,” and grabbed him. At that moment, Jin Yo-won’s light went out, and Jin Bu-yeon couldn’t hide her surprise. In response, Jang-wook said in front of the magicians at the meeting, “Jin Bu-yeon cannot be Jin Yo-won’s successor. She revealed that Jin Bu-yeon is already married to Jang-wook, a member of the Jang family.”

Jin Bu-yeon also agrees, and she tells Jin-ho-kyung that person next to her shared mercury wine and became her husband. She will not go back to Agent Jin’s room again.” Encouraged by those words, Jang-wook said, “We got married. Please congratulate everyone,” said Jin Bu-yeon, looking at Jang-wook with a smile.

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