Alchemy of Souls Episode 21 Recap & Summary

In Alchemy of Souls Season 2, Lee Jae-wook (Jang Wook) tried to borrow Go Yoon-jung’s (Naksu) divine power to get the ice stone out.

Alchemy of Souls Ep 21, the story began three years later in the first episode of tvN’s Saturday and Sunday drama ‘Alchemy Of Souls: Lights and Shadows’.

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Alchemy of Souls Episode 21

On that day, the three deliverymen who came to Jinyowon to deliver alcohol were rejected by Jin Cho-yeon (Arin), who pointed out that the water for brewing had changed. Subsequently, Jin Cho-yeon allowed only one of them to drop by the Jin agent to get some water, and the man found Nak-su (Go Yoon-jung) and she admired her beauty. Nak-su asked the man for a drink and tasted it. Then, when she heard a voice searching for her, s RThe left immediately.

On the other hand, Jang-wook lived by tracking down the newlyweds under the orders of the royal family and the Manjanghoe. Appearing 3 years after Naksu (Moo Deok) disappeared, he exuded a chic charisma. The soul shifter who responded to Jang-wook’s watering method said, “Is it just a drop? Since the soul has returned to the dead body, you are also a soul shifter.” Then Jang-wook killed him, saying, “The guy who stole his son’s body to live longer is an intellectual.” That’s how Jang-wook was living as a magician who kills bloodily, and people were afraid of him. In particular, Jang-wook, who came back to life with an ice stone, had to suffer from evil spirits.

Park Dang-gu (Yoo In-soo), who continued to be the head of Songrim, reunited with Jin Cho-yeon, who was his fiancee, after three years. When Park Dang-gu saw Jin Cho-yeon, he said, “It’s been 3 years. How have you been?” he asked, but Jin Cho-yeon said, “I didn’t come here to say hello. She said her mother would not allow outsiders to enter, so please leave,” she said. Then he added, “If you couldn’t even save the father of the fiancée from the soul shifter man, who are you saying you are going to save now?” In response, Park Dang-gu explained, “I was always heavy because the incident at that time did not give me time to even apologize,” but Jin Cho-yeon said, “Keep being heavy. Don’t forget about it and don’t take it lightly.”

While the two were arguing, Jang-wook went in and out to catch the new soul shifters as Agent Jin. After catching, Jang-wook found a place hidden in a barrier and met Nak-soo, who had lost her memory there. Jang-wook drew the line, saying, “I’m not used to putting people at this distance.”

Then Naksu said, “You have a pretty stone. Do you have the heavenly spirit? I can see the energy of the world,” she said. At that, Jang-wook asked, “What the hell are you?” Nak-su said, “I can’t tell you because of circumstances, but when you find out, you will definitely want to take me out. If you take me out, I will only tell you who am I.”

Then he asked why she was imprisoned, and Naksu replied, “Living sin. sin alive in this world. It shouldn’t exist, but existing is a sin.” In response, Jang-wook said, “The crime is the same as mine. A sin that exists when it should not exist. So help me.” She continued, “Delay your escape by three days. It has nothing to do with me” and decided to help her escape.

On the other hand, Jin Ho-gyeong (Park Eun-hye) firmly believed that Nak-soo was Jin Bu-yeon. At the same time, Jin Ho-gyeong, who forced Nak-soo to shift soul, said, “Buyeon-ah, I lost you and found you with difficulty. Marry her mother and a man named Jung Hae-jun and stay by her side for the rest of her life,” she said. Nak-soo, who had a hunch about her future, tried to escape and met her prospective groom, but failed. Nak-su, who met Jang-wook outside, introduced herself as Jin Bu-yeon, the first daughter of agent Jin, and he confessed that he did not want to marry her.

At the same time, Nak-soo said, “My mother secretly brought in only her groom, and she told me to give birth to a child who would succeed Agent Jin. When I get married, I can’t get out of that room. I’m in no position to run away. So, I was going to visit the couple and try to make do with them, but I just came up with a very good idea. I’d rather find a groom that suits me. So I’m asking Jang-wook, will you marry me? I want you to be my groom,” she proposed. She continued, “If you say that you will marry me, you might be kicked out. that’s what i want How did you come to meet such a perfect groom for the first time?”

However, Jang-wook couldn’t believe Nak-su’s words, saying, “You’re really crazy.” After meeting Park Jin (Yoo Jun-sang), who had since stepped down as the chieftain, Jang-wook said, “If there is a priestess like Azalea, would she be able to take out an ice stone? He said that the power of the ice stone must be removed because humans cannot handle it. It’s hard to bear. Then she should have died. Dying on the spot is the best thing a person can handle.”

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Later, in the end of Alchemy of Souls Season 2 Ep 1, Nak-su was about to marry Seo Yoon-oh (Do Sang-woo), a relative of Seo-yul (Hwang Min-hyun). Nak-soo waited anxiously for Jang-wook, holding onto a rose leaf and saying, “Please come and take me with you.” When there was no news, Nak-su tried to give up, and at that moment, Jang-wook kidnapped the boat Nak-su was on and brought it to him. In response, Naksu said, “Let’s go. She couldn’t hide her joy, saying, “Seobang-nim,” and immediately hugged Jang-wook.

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