Alchemy of Souls Episode 2 Recap: Mu Deok Agrees To Teach Jang Wook

In Alchemy of Souls Ep 2, Naksu accepted Jang Wook as her disciple and agreed to teach him magical spells. 

Previously, Mudeok was caught in danger after she was chased by Seol Yun but was saved by Jang Wook. At the same time, Park Dang-goo arrived there, and Mudeok declared herself the maid of Young Master Jang Wook. When Danggoo pointed towards the knife she had, she agreed to keep it to save his master.  

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Alchemy of Souls Ep 2

In the meantime, Park Jin and Heo Yeom gathered everyone to the training facility after realising there was a soul switcher spy inside Songrim. Park Jin asked Jin Cho Yeon for help finding the spy.

Using the family’s treasure, Jin Cho-yeon created a dog spirit which would enter only the one who had switched souls. But instead of Moo Deok, the dog spirit entered the body of Hwan and turned him to stone. He was killed after the rebellion. Mu-deok appeared to overcome the difficulty in this way, but the ghost approached Mudeok when she was with Jang-wook.

When Jang-wook noticed this, he sprinted off and said, “Run away because I will find a solution.” When running, Mu-deok fell, and as soon as the spirit is about to enter her body, Jang Wook breaks the treasure which created the spirit. 

Following this Jang-wook was punished for breaking the treasure of Jin Cho-yeon’s family, and Moo-duk found him and offered him tea, whispering, “You are the first to try to save me.” If you were this close to me, I would spare you. ” Moo-deok-i, who ran away from Jang-wook, went to Joohwol and tried to sell Jang-wook’s nameplate.  

Mudeok messages her pupils to find her by leaving them a hint to find a girl who is trying to sell a precious nameplate. The nameplate was already stolen by the other girl, and when she sold off the nameplate, she was killed by Naksu’s people. This is when she realised she was abandoned by them. 

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Alchemy of Souls Kdrama Episode 2

Meanwhile, Jang Wook retrieved Naksu’s sword and showed it to her when she came to see her body getting burned. Mudeok was surprised to see her sword and hoped to live again. But her joy was short-lived when she found that she could no longer open the sword. Then she told Jang Wook she would rather die than live powerless. 

Mudeok then jumped into the lake where she felt a sudden burst of energy following her in her net and was able to open her sword. Jang Wook came searching for her and saw her drenched with her sword opened. As soon as he came near her, she collapsed, and he was immediately taken to the infirmary where he was banned but was able to enter because of Mudeok. 

Taking this as an opportunity, Mudeok poisoned Jang Wook’s tea and said if he survived, she would become his master. She then asked Park Jin and Heo Yeon to open Jang Wook’s energy gates, so he would survive. 

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Park Jin tortured Mudeok for not telling him about the poison she gave to Kang Wook. She didn’t open her mouth to his harsh treatment till the end. Eventually, to save Jang Wook, Heo Yeon opened his energy gates, and he survived. 

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At the end of Alchemy of Souls Ep 2, when Jang Wook woke up, he immediately found Mudeok and said, “Thanks to you, I almost died.” We almost died, my crazy master.” Mudeok smiled and fainted over Jang Wook.

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