Alchemy Of Souls Episode 19 Recap & Summary

In Alchemy of Souls Ep 19 the story of Jin Woo-tak and Jin-mu was revealed. Jin-Woo Tak was aware of the immense strength her daughter Jin Bu-Yeon possessed.

Jin Bu-yeon was brought to the lake by Jin-moo and Jin Woo-tak in search of an ice stone. Do you despise the child, Jin-mu asked Wootak. “Thanks to her, I married the daughter of the Jin family, who I could only dream about, so shouldn’t I thank her?” Jinmu was aware that BuYeon’s strength had been passed down through the magicians of the Choi and Jin family.

Jin Woo-tak, a descendant of the degraded Choi family, was one of the brothers of Dang-gol who had initially engaged in witchcraft. Due to obtaining the blood of Jin Ho-gyeong and Jin Woo-tak, Jin Bu-yeon has extraordinary magical abilities. Give it here, Jin-moo orders Jin-bu-yeon, who discovered the ice stone, but Jin-bu-yeon declines. Jin-moo follows that by pushing Jin bu-yeon into her river. Jinmu stated, “Her father’s jealousy was the reason that Jin Bu-yeon was killed.”

After being saved by an elderly woman, Jin Bu-yeon loses her memory, adopts the name of the elderly woman’s granddaughter, Mudeok. The priestess Jin Bu-yeon was revealed to be the real-life person who appeared before Jang-wook and Naksu in their fantasy.

Meanwhile, Mudeok saved Jaewook from the soul shifter which Lee Jaewook witnessed from behind and understood that Mudeok received the ice stone which helped regaining her lost powers and magical abilities. After appearing in front of Mudeok, Lee Jae Wook asked her to kill him first as she promised him. Mudeok pointed her sword at him but couldn’t kill him rather she second to make her a second choice. Listening to this Lee Jaewook approached Mudeok and kissed her.

On the other hand, Seo Yul was battling for his life, he had lost a lot of blood and was in need of blood to get saved, but because the mages couldn’t cast spell in ice stone barrier they could not give blood to Seo Yul. Soi decided to save Seoyul by transferring the worn which was inserted into her veins by Jinmu.

The story of Jang Gang and Shamam Choi was also revealed. Jang Gang found out that Choi used her spells to curse people and to kill them All of Dangol’s (Shaman Choi) possessions were taken out, and Jang Gang directs “burn everything that is utilised for black magic.”

Choi begs Jinmu, the lieutenant general of Cheonbugwan, not to burn the Alchemy of Souls book, stating, “I did not use it. It belongs to her family.” Janggang instructs hum to also burn that boom, though. The book was thrown into the fire, and the fire spits it out. Jang Kang takes the book in his hands and reads the words “Alchemy of Souls” printed there. Jinmu witnessed it.

Dangol-Choi’s body, which was burnt was made to live by the Jin Woo-tak by transferring her sister’s soul into queen’s body and vice versa. “It was all because of him that started all these things,” Jin Woo-tak accused Jang Kang. The Queen’s body was under Jin Woo-tak, who says, “Hold onto the body of my sister. You must still be alive.”

At that point, Dangol-ne, who had taken over Seo Ha-seon’s body approched Jin-moo, but Jinmu’s asserted that the ice stone cannot be retrieved since a crown prince was trapped inside the barrier created by the ice stone.

The queen spoke ill of Jinmu and says, “Avoid being accused of engaging in witchcraft. You continue to do this because of it. But why do you put in so much effort when you were born into the Jin family as an unwanted child and receive no recognition?

On the other hand, Park Dang-goo, and Jin Cho-yeon, learnt that the queen’s soul is imprisoned in shaman Choi’s body. Jin-woo-tak attacks Jin Cho-yeon and Park Dang Goo, shocking Jin Cho-yeon. However, Jin-woo-tak is unable to pass her daughter and instead takes her sword.

Park Dang-gu informed Park Jin of all the details and that the Janggang was involved. To reveal the identity of the queen, Park Jin summons the royal family, members of the Jin family, and citizens of Songrim. I am your majesty’s queen, Seo Ha-sun cries, revealing that Dangol-ne has taken over her body through Alchemy of Souls.

Dangol-ne had taken over Seo Ha-body sun’s after returning to the palace. The astonishment was increased when it was revealed that Jin Woo-tak was a member of Dangol’s family’s Choi family. Jin Woo-tak kills himself and says, “Run, sister, run. The only thing I can do for you is this.”

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