Alchemy Of Souls Episode 18 Recap- Naksu Regained Her Powers

In Alchemy of Souls Ep 18, Naksu (Mudeok, Jung So-min), who is attempting to regain her powers, go back to her previous moo-deok behaviour, and have agrees to try her luck with the ice stone.

Moo-deok, was used as a victim to show the ice stone’s power. If that child died, remove her remains from the area, and why did the king point to that child, Jinmu advised the queen as she supported the queen in the Alchemy of souls. The queen grinned widely and remarked, “That child is the weakest in this position.” however Mu-duk did not die.

Jin-ho-kyung, who enforced her spell, was stunned and had sunk to the ground as soon as she heard the phrase “mother” come from Mudeok’s mouth . So-i who had deliberately tricked them, responded, “I can’t. She assured her that she would use that to save Moo-duk. She knew she shouldn’t have saved Mu-duk, yet she nevertheless rushed over to help her. The ice stone’s power, however, swept Muduk and Soi away, and they eventually fell to Jeongjingak.

With the help of the ice stone’s power, Mu-deok (Naksu), regained her energy. Young Jin Buyeon wrote, “It was not taken away,” in the ice stone. The ice stone contains this. An ice stone is a place where both wind and water are formless. No one can possess an ice stone, according to Jin Buyeon, who lived a life without dying. She cautioned Naksu, “But you have to face it with your own power. In response, Jin Bu-yeon, who had grown up, explained the cost of restoring power by saying, “The wind cannot escape the flood.” Moo-deok had thus acted simply by declaring, “I can handle that much.”

“When you gain something, you lose something, and he who gets strength needs to bear it,” Jin Bu-yeon used to say as she was growing up. Nak-su, however, thought as she turned to face Jang-wook, “If regained my powers, I’ll throw you away.”

As the magician of Jeong Jingak lost his true spirit, this arrogance of the falling water started to collapse. The magicians gradually became insane as Jeong Jingak became imprisoned in the ice stone illusion.

Nak-su wanted to leave Jang-wook, though. She’ve been wishing for it for a very long time. Nak-su eventually accepted her emotions, though, and went to see Jang-wook after learning that Jang-wook had gone to fight alone because a soul shifter had appeared in the remote Jeongjingak. Naksu sobbed in grief after using her reclaimed powers to kill Hwan Marri.

When Jang-wook emerged from behind the falling water, he asked, “Why were you hiding?” When the pouring water recovered its force, their relationship had to come to an end. “Just,” the fallout murmured. He cruelly declared, “You too should die,” but Jang-wook immediately questioned, “But, why did you come?” I’m worried you’ll die anyway, Naksu remarked.

What are you going to promise me right now, asked Naksu? Then, Jang-wook gave Nak-soo a kiss while telling her that his heart holds the key to the future.

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