Alchemy Of Souls Episode 17 Recap

In Alchemy of Souls Ep 17, in front of an ice stone, Moo Deok-i (Jung So-min) tried her luck. When Jang-wook (Lee Jae-wook) believed Choi Shaman was in the body of Queen Seo Ha-seon, he went to find out more about her where he encountered his biological father Jang Kang. However, he did not recognise Jang Kang. In contrast, Jang Kang realised that Jang Wook was his son and warned him not to use Cheonbugwan’s sword.

When the door of Jinoywon was opened, Jin-ho-kyung thought So-i, brought by Jin-moo, was her missing daughter, Jin Bu-yeon. The moment Soi made eye contact with Moo Deok-i, who was with Jin Cho-yeon, and Moo-deok noticed the umbrella Soi was holding, however, she felt awkward because she had bought that umbrella for Seo Yul.

Jang-wook observed that Jinmu had killed numerous people to conceal Soi’s identity after Seo-yul claimed to have given So-i that umbrella. Simultaneously, Soi found the eye patch that Moo Deok-i wore and learned that Jin-ho had made it for her daughter personally. So-i expressed her apprehension upon learning that Moo-deok-yi was a real Bu-yeon and warned Jin Cho-yeon that she had a sinister aura and should be avoided.

Jin-moo tricked Jin-ho-kyung with Soi’s false wounds and points, but she soon realised that Soi’s eyes were different. The prior experiences of Jin Ho-kyung were viewed as a weakness by Jinmu. In the past, Jin-ho Kyung made the mistake of giving Jang-kang the ice stone in an attempt to preserve her baby, but she never got it back. Songrim would give Jinoywon the ice stone, but Jin-moo insisted on fighting.

The magicians argued over who would receive the ice stone at the general assembly, and Wang Go-sun declared that the battle had begun as Master Lee had predicted and that a hero born of the Emperor would soon appear.

Go-sun kills Moo-deok-i and then tries to save her, stating let’s test the power of ice stone, all the while Jang-wook and Seo-yul were making a proposal to Crown Prince Go Won (Shin Seung-ho) to reveal the identity of Queen Seo Ha-seon. Finally agreeing to have the power of the Ice Stone, Moo-duk was uncertain as to whether her energy would return with the strength of Ice Stone or if she would actually die. As soon as Jin Ho-Kyung attempted to kill Moo-Duk, Moo-Duk’s memory came back.

Moo-duk remembered her childhood with her mother,Jin Ho-kyung, and cried as she said “mother.” 

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