Alchemy Of Souls Episode 17 Preview

In the “Alchemy Of Souls” Episode 17 Lee Jae-wook and Jung So-min will reach new levels of their romance once more but the question is whether would they be able of keep their love for one another amongst the fierece political battle for the power between those who want to protect the world and those who just only want to rule.

The production team of the Saturday-Sunday drama “Alchemy of Souls,” released a few stills of Jang-wook (Lee Jae-wook) and Moo-deok-i ahead of the broadcast of episode 17.

In the most recent broadcast, Jang Wook and Mudeok, expressed the same thoughts they had been keeping to themselves through Park Jin (Yoo Jun-sang), saying, “I like Moo-deok” and “I like Jang Wook to death,” respectively. Jang Wook specifically instructed, “If you pull out the sword and try to shoot at someone when the energy returns, direct it at me first. If you stab, I will be accountable for reintroducing water to the planet, and if I return it, I will make the master’s promise to Moo-Duk-i about the future. He kept the audience awake with his confession and risked his life for his devoted love.

A smile is brought on by the date of Jang-wook and Moo-duk, who appear ordinary in the published stills but are more attractive. They met on the street. Even just glancing at each other causes laughter and demonstrates a loving relationship.

In particular, Jang-wook’s look at Moo-duk makes the audience’s hearts race. Jang-wook’s scorching eyes flush Moo-duk as the leader of Yeonji Gonji is gazing at Mu-deok, who has flushed cheeks with the eyes of a lover dripping with honey. The question of whether the two would be able to preserve their love during the crisis is in the spotlight because they went a long way to confirm their feelings for one another.

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