Alchemy Of Souls Episode 14 Recap: Mudeok & Jang Wook’s First Kiss

In Alchemy of Souls Ep 14, Master Lee revealed that he was a soul shifter and Mudeok (Jung So Min) was framed for a murder.

Park Jin was worried that Jang Wook would bring chaos to the world if he learned all the spells and thrived to become superior enough to become the king of Daeho, but the Master affirmed to Park Jin that he was watching Jang Wook and whenever he felt like Jang Wook could use his abilities to rebel, he immediately, with his own hands, would make Jang Wook powerless.

Meanwhile, Jang Wook (Lee Jae Wook) was successful in catching the golden fish by reaching chisu, which everyone was unaware of in the Songrim and thought that Jang Wook was just fishing and not training during his probation from the Songrim. When Jang Wook’s probation ended, he went to Songrim and was ready for his tenth and last duel.

He was supposed to fight with some other mage, but he refused to fight when the crown prince asked for his assurance that he would definitely win. He suggested it was only Seoyul who would certainly win, so the crown asked Seoyul to fight with Jang Wook. Seoyul accepted the duel because Mudeok bet herself on the duel and she would serve the winner as her master. Seoyul, seeing this as an opportunity to separate Jang Wook and Mudeok, accepted the duel.

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Alchemy of Souls Ep 14

The fight began. Jang Wook was fighting well and was using the spells he learnt in his previous duels, but he still couldn’t defeat Seoyul. But, everyone was astonished to see Jang Wook using chisu and congratulated him. As promised, Mudeok was now the maid of Seoyul, who told Mudeok to meet Jang Wook whenever she wanted, and he only needs her one help. When he returns to his fortress, he wants Mudeok to help him take someone with him, and Mudeok promised to do so without realising that it was her he was talking about.

Jang Wook was getting treated in Sejukwan and it was 3 days, but still Mudeok didn’t go to see him because she was ashamed of herself that she lost the blue jade, which was thrown in muddy water by the crown prince, and she was searching for it and still couldn’t find it. Mudeok eventually found it and went to see Jang Wook. After seeing Jang Wook with Heo’s granddaughter, she became jealous. She asked Jang Wook about the rumour that he was taking chaste tea. Jang Wook kissed Mudeok to prove to her that he is not practising chastity. He also told Mudeok that he was going to the palace with Master Lee. When Jang Wook was leaving, Mudeok showed him the jade.

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Alchemy of Souls Kdrama Episode 14

In the meantime, Park was collecting information about Mudeok. He also summoned Sari Village’s man who sold Mudeok and asked him about Mudeok. The man lied about Mudeok not being blind but was fooling others to save herself from being sold as he was already paid to lie about Mudeok by Jang Wook.

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Alchemy of Souls Ep 14

At the end of Alchemy of Souls Ep 14, Jang Wook visited the palace along with Master Lee, Danggu, and Seoyul, hoping to learn more about the ice stone. When the king asked Master Lee about how he maintained his ability to look young after being hundreds of years old, Master Lee revealed that he shifted his soul into this young body. Mudeok was looking for the man from Sari Village who warned her to beware of So-i and went to see him. She found him dead, and suddenly Park Jin appeared, suspecting Mudeok as his murderer.

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