Alchemy of Souls Episode 1 Recap: The Beginning of the Magical Love Story

In Alchemy of Souls Ep 1, Naksu switched her soul with a weak and frail blind girl. 

Meanwhile, Alchemy of Souls is about the love and progress of young magicians as they face their twisted fates in a mythical kingdom named Daeho that does not exist in history or on maps.

The 1st episode of Alchemy of Souls started with the woman who was trying to save her son, who had been previously transformed into a spirit after a man cast a spell on him.

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Alchemy of Souls kdrama Episode 1Recap & Summary, Image: Netflix

Naksu, who masters the art of soul remarriage and poses great fighting ang magical skills, was attacked by Park Jin and his men. In order to save her life, she tried to switch souls, but her soul found a frail and weak body of a blind girl. 

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Alchemy of Souls Ep 1

Mudeok found that she was not blind anymore, as Naksu realised her soul had switched with Mudeok’s. She was then sold to work as a servant, but she tried to escape and was captured by Jang Wook, Daeho’s successor, who couldn’t learn magic spells because he couldn’t open his father’s sword when he was a teen.  

Jang Wook tried all sorts of different things to trouble Mundeok, from asking her to fetch him water to keeping his bed warm. When Mudeok realised Jang Wook had the thing to open Daeho’s door, she stole it and sneaked the palace.

There she saw someone had already invaded the palace and retrieved her body and her sword, which she wanted to get her strength and magic back. 

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Alchemy of Souls Ep 1 Netflix

At the end of Alchemy of Souls Ep 1, Mudeok was seen by one of the palace princes and she ran to hide. There she was grabbed by Jang Wook, who hid and protected her. At the time the moon reached her face, her eyes shone blue, and seeing this, Yang Wook said, “I knew that it was you.” You are my master.  

Expectations are high for Mudeok. Will she become Yang Wook’s master and teach him magical spells?

Credits: Netflix, tvN

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