Alchemy of Souls Cast: Get to Know the Amazing Stars of New Netflix Fantasy Drama

The highly anticipated Korean drama series “Alchemy of Souls” has finally premiered on tvN and Netflix on June 18.

The new Netflix fantasy romance series will undoubtedly need to live up to some lofty expectations. From its very first episode, fans have been delighted and curious about how the relationship between the characters will develop in future episodes.

Meanwhile, Alchemy of Souls is about the love and progress of young magicians as they face their twisted fates in a mythical kingdom named Daeho that does not exist in history or on maps.

Fans are already rooting for their favourite characters from the series and want to know more about them. Where do they recognize them from? What social media platforms can they find them on? So, we are here with Alchemy of Souls kdrama cast members.

Here’s the Cast of Alchemy of Souls Kdrama and Their Instagram Accounts

The Korean and Netflix drama series stars Jung So-Min as Mu-Deok, Lee Jae-Wook as Jang Wook, Hwang Min-Hyun as Seo Yool, and Arin as Choi Yeon-jin as the main characters of the series who display their extraordinary and unique skills in the drama.

Jung So-min as Mu-deok

Jung So Min1 e1655731546553
Jung So Min, Image Courtesy: tvN

Jung So-min plays Mu-deok, who is secretly harbouring the soul of the legendary assassin Naksu. However, Naksu’s ferocious energy is confined to an absurdly frail body that is unable to keep up with her magical powers. She also starts teaching magical spells to Jang Wook secretly.

Jung So-min (Kim Yoon-Ji) was born on March 16, 1989. She made her acting debut in 2010 with a minor role in Bad Guy. She earned recognition after playing the lead in the drama Playful Kiss (2010).

She was last seen in the drama My Roommate is a Gumiho, taking on the role of the woman who the main character, Jang Ki-Yong, loved in the past. She also appeared in the drama, Monthly Magazine.

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Lee Jae-Wook as Jang Wook

Lee Jae Wook2 1
Lee Jang Wook

Lee Jae-Wook plays Jang Wook, the Jang family’s intelligent yet troublesome young master. The whole of Daeho is gossiping about the shocking secret behind Jang Wook’s scandalous birth, and he has a tragic past. He may appear calm and uninterested on the outside, but on the inside, he is raging with flaming mischief.

Lee Jae Wook was born on May 10, 1998, and made his acting debut in the 2018 K-Drama Memories of the Alhambra. He played a supporting role in the dramas like Extraordinary You, and Search: WWW. His first main part was in Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol in 2020, where he co-starred with Go Ara.

He was last seen as a cameo in the drama True Beauty and Netflix’s Move to Heaven.

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Hwang Min-hyun as Seo Yool

Hwang Minhyun 1 e1655731640879
Hwang Min Hyun

Hwang Min-Hyun plays Seo Yul, the brilliant scion of the renowned Seo family. He is perfect in every way—beautiful appearance, a sharp mind, and outstanding literary and martial arts prowess—but he is too idealistic to be realistic. Seo Yul is also an unrepentant romantic who has a secret crush on a secret woman.

Hwang Min-Hyun, also known by his stage name Minhyun born on August 9, 1995, is a singer, composer, and actor. He made his boy group NU’EST debut in 2012 following two years of training.

Recently, he released his first solo OST “I’ll be with you every day” for the drama ‘The Red Sleeve’. He was last seen in the television series Live On Go Eun-taek.

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Yoo In Soo as Park Dang Gu

Yoo In Soo1 1
Yoo In Soo

Yoo In Soo plays Park Dang Gu, the heir to a prosperous family in Daeho’s top 1%, who is bright, friendly, and upbeat. Despite being the heir of a prominent family, the gregarious and well-liked Park Dang Gu is more interested in Daeho rumours and partying than his business.

Yoo In-soo was born on March 25, 1998. He has played minor parts in dramas like Strong Girl Bong-soon (2017), Gangnam Beauty (2018), At a Distance, Spring Is Green (2021), and All of Us Are Dead (2022).

Recently, he appeared in Netflix’s All of Us are Dead, where he portrayed a blood-shot villain and proved his acting abilities. He has garnered a lot of praise for his acting in the drama.

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Oh My Girl’s Arin as Choi Yeon-jin

Oh My Girls Arin 1 e1655731755923
Oh My Girl’s Arin

Oh My Girl’s Arin plays Choi Yeon-jin, the most popular girl in Daeho and the youngest daughter of the Jin family, Jin Cho Yeon. Jin Cho Yeon is a young, innocent soul with a pure heart, despite her outer appearance of being fashionable and sophisticated. She is smitten by Jang Wook.

Arin is the stage name of Choi Ye-won. She was born on June 18, 1999, and is a South Korean singer and actor. She is a part of the Oh My Girl girl group from South Korea. Alchemy of Souls is her debut television series.

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Images Courtesy: Character Posters tvN

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