Again My Life (2022) Release Date, Plot, Cast, Photos & More

Again My Life Kdrama is based on a KakaoPage web novel of the same name, which was also turned into a webtoon. It tells the story of a young prosecutor who has been murdered while attempting to bring down a prominent crime boss, but is given a second chance to fight for justice.

Again My Life Brief Intro

  • Drama Name: Again My life
  • Directed By: Han Chul-Soo
  • Writeen By: Lee Hae-Nal (web novel),
  • Based on: Again My Life Web Novel by Lee Hae-Nal
  • Network: SBS
  • Episodes: 16
  • Release Date: April 8, 2022
  • Airing Days: Friday & Saturday
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea

Genres: Mystery, Law, Drama, Fantasy

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Again My Life Plot Synopsis

When Kim Hee-Woo (Lee Joon-Gi) was in high school, he had the lowest academic grades in his class. Kim Hee-Woo enrolled at a university and subsequently passed the bar exam after putting in a lot of effort. Now he works as a dedicated prosecutor. He is killed by an unidentified man while investigating possible corruption involving a politician named Jo Tae-Seob. However, Kim Hee-Woo wakes up and discovers that he is alive again He unexpectedly gets a second chance to fight for justice.

Again My Life Cast

  • Lee Joon-Gi portrays Kim Hee-Woo
  • Lee Kyoung-Young portrays Jo Tae-Seob
  • Kim Ji-Eun portrays Kim Hee-A
  • Cha Joo-Young portrays Han Ji-Hyun

Lee Joon-Gi

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Stills for Lee Joon Gi’s character in Again My Life Drama

Kim Hee-woo, played by Lee Joon-gi, is a tenacious and ambitious prosecutor, who refuses to compromise when it comes to the rule of law and justice. Kim Hee-woo is a figure who strives to get rid of the political realm of corruption and of the world’s immense evil like Jo Tae-Seop, who wears the mask of a revered politician. Kim Hee Woo is unjustly killed by an unidentified man, he returns 15 years before his death to restart his life. It is believed that in his second life, he will become a new swordsman with full talent, drawing attention to his efforts to produce a detailed and faultless plate, thanks to his former life.

Lee Kyung-Young

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Lee Kyung-Young, Image-Mydramalist

Lee Kyung-young plays the character of Jo Tae-Seob, a corrupt politician who runs his own crime syndicate. Assemblyman Jo Tae Sub is not the president, yet he holds the real president in the palm of his hand. He is utterly powerful, utterly corrupt, and utterly evil.

Kim Ji-Eun

Kim Ji-Eun, Image: Hancinema

Kim Ji-Eun plays the character of Kim Hee-ah, the brilliant youngest daughter of Cheonha Group chairman. On the surface, she appears to be a gentle and gentle person, yet she is a strong woman with a strong sense of her own beliefs.

Cha Joo-Young

Cha Joo Young p1
Cha Joo-Young

Cha Joo-Young plays the character of Han Ji Hyun, the grim reaper and Assemblyman Jo Tae Sub’s chief secretary. She looks after and protects the picky assemblyman with her chilly personality and hard-headed judgement.

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