Again My Life Episode 7 Recap & Summary

In Again My Life Ep 7, Kim Hee Woo (Lee Joon Gi), after searching and cleaning the scene of drug smuggling by the rape sect, the core of corruption in Gimsan City, presented a report. However, investigator Oh Min-guk told Kim Hee-woo about Jeon Seok-Gyu, the leader of Kim San-Cheong, in the middle of the briefing, and Kim Hee-woo resumed the briefing after getting the information.

Gu Wook-chung’s name was removed from the resumed briefing by Kim Hee-woo. Because Jo Tae-seop pleaded with Goo Wook-Chung. Following the rape case, Jo Tae-seop began to pay attention to Kim Hee-woo.

In the meantime, Jeon Seok-gyu reaffirmed his faith in Kim Hee-woo. “I want to transform a society where bad people succeed and the decent ones perish,” Kim Hee-woo told Jeon Seok-gyu. “The Commissioner is unafraid of power. That is why I believe the prosecutor’s office should have someone like the Commissioner. You should also run for president at some point. “I’ll assist you in getting started. ” I don’t want to be a dog that wags its tail in the face of authority.”

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Kim Seok-hoon also ordered Kim Hee-woo to keep an eye on Jeon Seok-gyu. While working as a just prosecutor, Jeon Seok-gyu was demoted for uncovering the wrongdoing of public officials in high-ranking positions in the past.

According to Kim Seok-hoon, “I’m not sure what Jeon Suk-gyu is up to these days. Tell me what Jeon Seok-gyu is thinking while you’re working under him.” Kim Hee-woo, unlike Jeon Seok-gyu, had reservations about Kim Seok-hoon’s trusting demeanour, and soon discovered a wiretapping device in Jeon’s office. After that, Kim Hee-woo advocated using the wiretapping device put by Kim Seok-hoon in the opposite direction.

Following that, Kim Hee-woo met Jo Tae-seop in a secret club that included powerful political and economic elites. Cho Tae-seop was elected president of the secret club by the hidden club’s members. Jo Tae-seop grilled Kim Hee-woo on a variety of topics, including the National Assemblyman’s ties with the prosecutor.

“I think it’s a ‘military change,” Kim Hee-woo said, assuaging Jo Tae-seop’s concerns. Jo Tae-seop stated his objective as follows: “I believe they are one and the same. I want everything to merge into one, and I want to have the power of one.”

At the end of “Again My Life Ep 7,” Jang Il-Hyeon’s mean attitude was revealed. Although he was polite to a high-ranking businessman, Jang Il-hyeon was aggressive and cruel to a medical student accused of murdering his pregnant fiancĂ©e.

Despite the fact that Jang Il-hyun knew the medical student was not the true murderer, he used the case of an ‘exemplary medical student’ to cover up the case of a high-ranking businessman. Knowing this, Kim Hee-woo told that Jang Il-hyun would be punished.

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