Again My Life Episode 6 Recap & Summary

In Again My Life Ep 6, the reason for Kim Hee-woo’s (Lee Joon Gi) desire to travel to Seoul with Jeon Seok-gyu was disclosed. Hee-woo had met Seok-gyu in a former life. “If you go up the corruption, you will see the strands,” Seok-gyu stated at the time. “If you don’t succeed at once, you will only fall eternally,” “Exactly like me.” said upstanding prosecutor Suk-gyu, who was demoted to the arrest of the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, and Transportation’s son.

Hee-woo, who had attacked the rape gang’s illegal gambling site, was slapped by Jeon Seok-gyu, who said, “Don’t make the same mistake twice.” Your life is the most important thing in the world. Do you install it after you’ve figured it out? ” “A mark will stay if you walk too quickly. Make it a priority in your life, “he suggested. Hee-woo, who had gotten the rape group’s double ledger, began an inquiry into the illegal gambling house’s corruption issue and handed it on to Kim Han-mi (Kim Jae-Kyung), who exposed it to the media and raised the matter.

Again Mu Life K-drama ep 6

Legislators, police, and mayors in Gimsan-si attempted to spare the rapeseed leader by applying pressure on him, claiming, “Local leaders believe that laws should be applied with caution.” The local economy will collapse if you continue to labor in this manner. You should travel to Seoul and survive in moderation. “. He began to rescue himself as soon as it was leaked to the press, coupled with Hee-woo’s statements, “There is no compromise with people who disobey the law.”

“There is a moment for everything,” Seok-gyu told Hee-woo, who was turned into a swamp in Gimsan-si, less than a week after taking office as a prosecutor. “I think Cheongchang-nim knew more than me,” Hee-woo stated, adding that the case will be handed over to Kim Seok-hoon of the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office and the two will travel to Seoul together.

“It is because we need the power to achieve justice,” Hee-woo remarked while explaining the plan’s motivation. “While Kim Seok-hoon is a wonderful person, he did not achieve exceptional outcomes,” he continued. We’re in need of a big shot right now. ” He went on to say that he was exchanging a Seoul ticket.

Seok-gyu retaliated by ordering his senior prosecutor to back Kim Hee-woo and handing over cartel documents detailing the illegal status in Gimsan City. As he had done in his former existence. “I will cut out all the nasty bits,” Hee-woo stated as he burned his will, and after shaking the rape group’s leader, he went to Kim Seok-hoon and said, “I hope this case will help the deputy chief on his road to a higher rank.”

“Are you in the Gimsan case?” Lee Min-soo, who encountered Hee-woo at the Seoul branch office, asked. predicting that after the first-time prosecutor met a businessman called Kim Seok-hoon, he would have sought a trip to Seoul, causing conflict. Jang Il-hyeon and Choi Kang-jin, who were able to put the ball together with Hee-woo’s help, respected their juniors’ planning skills.

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After hearing Kim Seok-hoon’s report, Jo Tae-seop acknowledged Kim Hee-woo’s ability and commanded, “Proceed up to Seoul,” as well as allowing Jeon Seok-gyu to go to Seoul, ensuring that the game was played as Hee-woo had planned.

Meanwhile, Hee-woo, who had gotten information on drug trafficking in Gimsan Port, gathered conclusive evidence on the spot and set out to demolish the drug gang.

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