Again My Life Episode 5 Recap: Lee Joon Gi Returned As Prosecutor After His 2nd Military Service

In Again My Life Ep 5, Kim Hee-woo (Lee Joon-gi) launched a full-fledged movement to punish extreme evil. He returned to work as a prosecutor after his second military service.

Again My Life Episode 5 starts with, Kim Hee-woo becoming aware of the reality when his parents handed him an enlistment notice. Kim Hee-woo notified Lee Min-soo and Kim Gyu-Ri of his enlistment two days prior. “I’m going twice, what are you scared about?” Kim Hee-woo murmured when Lee Min-soo inquired whether he was nervous.

Kim Hee-ah (Kim Ji-Eun), who was preparing to study overseas, came to see Kim Hee-woo. Kim Hee-ah took Kim Hee-woo’s arms in hers and remarked, “Isn’t this the first time I’ve crossed arms with someone who isn’t my father? Goodbye. Kim Hee-woo, I’ll see you around. Have a pleasant journey.”

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Again My Life Ep 5

After 7 years, Kim Hee-woo was drawn to become a prosecutor for the second time in his life. Kim Hee-woo was the director of the Judicial Research and Training Institute, but he chose to serve in a region other than Seoul as a volunteer. “Please gather all civil and criminal cases in this area for the past six months,” Kim Hee-woo urged the investigator as soon as he sat down at the Gimsan branch office.

Kim Hee-woo learned of a man who had been wrongfully accused of murder in the past. Kim Hee-woo set out to track down the framed man’s son. And Kim Hee-woo promised his son that he would “establish your father’s innocence.”

After accusing Jang Il-Hyeon of being his friend’s father, Kim Hee-woo requested him to re-examine the issue. “I think the cops are missing something,” Kim Hee-woo continued. Even the murder tools, motives, and fingerprints were exposed in such a precise and timely manner.” “It’s the clothes my friend’s father wore on the day of the incident, and there’s no sign of cleaning or erasing, but there’s no blood,” he explained. The legislation is for the benefit of the victims. “We have to make sure we aren’t being punished unfairly,” he said.


His another case: “I assumed it was a tranquil neighbourhood,” said investigator Kim Hee-woo, “but there were quite a few occurrences.” He inquired, “Have you ever heard of rapeseed?” The Yuchae faction, which included the mayor and chief of police, as well as members of the National Assembly, was the true power in Gimsan City. Kim Hee-woo, on the other hand, was unconcerned, saying, “According to the investigation records, the conclusion of the rape-related incidents is not obvious.” So I’m going to try to look into everything once more,” he explained.

And Kim Hee-woo launched an investigation into a rape sect-run illicit gambling establishment. In truth, while spending time with gamblers in quest of illicit gambling sites with big sums of money, Kim Hee-woo covertly gave his contact information to the dealer with whom he played the game and attempted to meet. And he revealed his identity to the dealer he saw separately, requesting him to provide information about the rapeseeds.

Kim Hee-woo then called the head of the Kimsan branch and told him he was going to remove the rapeseeds and asked for his help. “It’s risky,” the governor added. These are the children who lunch with the cops. You’re still unsure of where to go. “It’s not going to happen that way,” Kim Hee-woo responded, “but my job is to prosecute, and you should quit if you don’t say it’s unsafe.”

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Kim Hee-woo, on the other hand, was unconcerned about this and used the information received from the dealer to locate the illicit gambling establishment once more. When asked if he had a warrant, he replied, “The current perpetrator does not require a warrant,” and dealt with many members of the rape group.

At the end of Again My Life Ep 5, Jin Seok-Gyu attended an illegal gambling establishment and smacked Kim Hee-woo, foreshadowing a fight.

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