Again My Life Episode 4 Recap & Summary

In Again My Life Ep 4, On his way home, Kim Hee-woo (Lee Joon-gi) noticed a strange man following Kim Hee-ah, and, after a scuffle, discovered that he was Kim Hee-Ah’s bodyguard. Kim Hee-ah was also astonished to hear that, she was the daughter of Geum Ok-yup, the chairman of Cheonha Group, Jo Tae-Seop’s slush fund warehouse (Lee Kyung-young).

Meanwhile, without hesitation, Kim Hee-woo shook the board, swaying Jo Tae-seop and causing him to take a dizzying turn till the conclusion. Lee Min-soo introduced Kim Hee-woo to Moon Seong-hwan, a medical school classmate. Moon Seong-hwan was previously involved in a game-changing programme in the telecommunications industry. Jo Tae-seop, on the other hand, took immense wealth and honour from large enterprises, and he was the one who profited the most.

Again My Life Episode 4 Recap

In a situation where Moon Seong-hwan may become Cho Tae-Seop’s prey at any time, Kim Hee-woo went out to remove Cho Tae-Seop’s henchman and industrial spy, Kim Chan-il, president of Cheonha Telecom. In his prior life, Kim Chan-il was labelled a corporate hyena and a robber who sold essential communication technology and manpower to foreign countries.

This isn’t the conclusion of the story. “I’ll have to set it up for a genuine feast,” Kim Hee-woo said as he handed over a case involving the Cheonha Telecom project, including intellectual property infringement and contest corruption, to senior prosecutor Jeong Il-hyeon, and even spilled some kind of relationship between Kim Chan-il and Jo Tae-seop, and he liked him. This was relayed to Jo Tae-seop by Kim Seok-hoon, sparking serious internal strife.

Kim Chan-il eventually lost the connection between Jo Tae-seop and Kim Gun-young due to Kim Hee-woo’s inventiveness, and with Kim Chan-il’s death, the inquiry into the Cheonha Telecom project was concluded with no right of prosecution. At the same time, Moon Seong-hwan took Chairman Kim Geon-young’s hand in his and pursued his fate with a huge firm once more.”Who is bothering me?” Jo Tae-seop, on the other hand, asked. The board he had designed shook swiftly after the Songpa-gu redevelopment case, and an entirely new version was being created. However, the ferocity with which he ruthlessly removed the impediments that stood in his path of development, hiding beneath the mask of a public welfare politician, gave him chills.

At the end of Again My Life Episode 4, the presence of Han Ji-hyeon, the grim reaper who granted Kim Hee-woo a second chance at life, and Jo Tae-Seop’s assistant, stole him of his. Pluto, a fictitious character who knew the flow of his own outboard and had warned Moon Seong-hwan of the dangers in the past, made Kim Hee-woo suspicious. Then, through CCTV, Pluto’s true identity as Han Ji-hyun was revealed, stunning the audience.

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