Again My Life Episode 3 Recap & Summary

Kim Hee-woo (Lee Joon-gi) who had a dream was drawn in the Again My Life Ep 3.

Again My Life Ep 3 starts with, Kim Hee-woo, who was walking down the street late at night, returning the eerie feeling. People disagreeing with Kim Hee-woo appeared at this point, and Kim Hee-woo overcame them using martial arts. Meanwhile, Kim Hee-woo collided with Dr. K (Hyun Woo-sung) and got into a battle with him. “It’s still horrible,” Dr. K stated as we were battling, and he began assaulting Kim Hee-woo. Dr K told Kim Hee-woo, who was drenched in blood, “It’s unsatisfactory,” and threw him off the overpass, where he was hit by a car. Kim Hee-woo was scared since it was all a dream.

Again My Life Episode 3 Recap

Meanwhile, Kim Hee-woo was spotted approaching real estate mogul Woo Yong-soo. Kim Hee-woo, Woo Yong-su said, “I’m aware of the end of real estate. It’s a case of greed. Then I understand the cost of greed. That’s a character flaw.” At this point, Kim Hee-woo recalled the words of the Grim Reaper (Cha Joo-young), who told him, “You can’t catch a demon unless you catch become a demon.” Kim Hee-woo, on the other hand, was not easily defeated. Finally, Woo Yong-soo offered Kim Hee-woo an opportunity by giving him a test, which he passed, and Kim Hee-woo became Woo Yong-soo’s colleague.

It was also revealed why Kim Hee-woo sought Woo Yong-soo. Woo Yong-soo had been bankrupted by Jo Tae-seop in a past life and had to make a drastic decision. Following that, Jo Tae-seop turned over documents to Park Dae-ho and told him to leverage the redevelopment boom to target Woo Yong-Soo’s properties.

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Kim Han-mi was revealed to be Kim Seok-Hoon’s illegitimate child. Kim Han-mi stated that she began studying hard after receiving coaching from Kim Hee-woo. Seokhoon Kim addressed her daughter Hanmi as Hanmi Kim and provided her with money after learning that she had caught her heart and devoted herself to her academics. Then he went on to say, “Are you certain you don’t like the yang chi? In the future, avoid painting your parents’ faces.” Kim Han-mi, who was receiving her money, was told by her half-siblings that she was “like a parasite,” which disturbed her, so she summoned Kim Hee-woo to her bar and confessed that she was Kim Seok-Hoon’s illegitimate child.

Meanwhile, Choi Kang-jin drew Kim Hee-Woo’s attention and joined the Hankuk University Law School Student Association’s covert private group. With this as an opportunity, he knew Jo Tae-seop was going after Woo Yong-Su’s real estate and was able to prevent Woo Yong-su from making a risky decision.

At the end of Again My Life Episode 3, Kim Hee-woo, who had gone to hear Jo Tae-Seop’s special lecture, was reunited with the Grim Reaper.

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