Again My Life Episode 2 Recap: Lee Joon Gi was successful in changing his fate

In Again My Life Ep 2, Kim Hee-woo (Lee Joon Gi) cried and blamed himself for failing to save his parents. Kim Hee-woo recognized that he had changed his fate quickly after hearing his parents’ voices. Kim Hee-woo then approached the accident vehicle to confront the hit-and-run driver. Kim Jin-woo appeared at that point, and Kim Hee-woo was taken aback when he learned that Jo Tae-seop’s son had hit his parents. “The last component has finally been revealed. The smell of alcohol.” “Jo Hyun-seok, the son of Jo Tae-seop.” Kim Hee-woo, who discovered the truth about what happened, said, “My fortune has shifted.” I’ve shielded my parents, and Jo Tae-seop will appear to be even more insane. “

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Kim Hee-woo then opted to attend college. He informed his parents that he would be attending university and stated, “While attending a hagwon, I am putting in a lot of effort in my studies. Of course, I work part-time as well. I’ll be attending a Korean university’s law school. ” Lee Mi-ok and Kim Chan-seong exchanged bewildered looks and stated, “It’s becoming a little worrisome now.” What else have we messed up? ” When the news of Jo Tae-seop was covered in the TV news report after a while, Kim Hee-woo expressed his sadness by saying, “As I recall, time moves at a rapid pace. The past is re-enacting itself, and the pivotal moment that must be averted is nearing. “

Meanwhile, Kim Hee-woo began to have doubts about Kim Han-mi and Kim Seok-Hoon’s relationship. Kim Hee-woo took him out against the Iljin group, who were photographing Kim Han-mi while she was drunk. After a while, Kim Han-mi, who had been drinking, was astonished to see the photo on the phone that Kim Hee-woo had given her, and she reported the people who were attempting to hurt her to the police. The police chief, whose son was an Iljin member, attempted to hide the incident, and Kim Han-mi, who witnessed it, expressed her displeasure, stating, “I live and see all the photographs that the police chief is trying to hide and cover-up.”

Seok-Hoon Kim walked in at that point and slapped the police chief’s son, yelling angrily, “Do you want to die?” Kim Hee-woo began to doubt Kim Seok-hoon and Kim Han-Mi’s relationship after seeing Kim Seok-hoon enraged by clutching a picture of Kim Han-mi.

With the passage of time, Hee-Woo Kim was able to re-enter Hankuk University’s Department of Law. He ran into his former professor again, remembered the first question he asked, and answered the civil law issue deftly. When Kim Hee-woo saw Lee Min-soo, whom he had never met before, at the freshman reception, he felt he was a new person who appeared as the past changed.

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At the end of “Again My Life Episode 2,” the mysterious figure chasing Kim Hee-woo, who was drunk and climbing the stairs, was revealed to be Doctor K.

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